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Innovation Makes a Difference – Integrating Window Shades with Smart Devices

Motorize Existing Window Blinds

Motorize Your Existing Window Blinds – A New Generation of Technology The use of smart technology is increasing every day – from smartphone to smart homes, everything is becoming a part of our daily lives, and so are our window treatments. Nowadays WiFi enabled gadgets have changed the way we work or act. By integrating the standard window coverings with…

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Best-In-Class Window Coverings For Your Dining Room

Remote Control Blinds

Add Wisdom To Your Windows With Remote Control Blinds   The dining room is a part of your home that needs your undivided attention. The ambiance of the dining room ought to be elegant, inviting, and comfortable. It is that space of your home where you unite, feast, and engage with your loved ones. For making the environment of your dining room peaceful and…

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Why Wood Is The Most Popular Material For Window Coverings

Motorized Wooden Venetian Blinds

Motorized Wooden Venetian Blinds To Give An Outstanding Appearance   Who does not want to live in an elegantly designed peaceful home? A beautiful, lively and comfortable home is a dream of every homeowner. Homeowners try to implement so many new ideas to give their homes a brand new look. One of the more popular and attractive ideas is adding a touch of…

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Access Your Skylight Blinds With a Remote

Remote Control Skylight Shades

Remote Control Skylight Shades – Add Smartness & Comfort Together The world is becoming smarter with every moment. Everything and everybody is pacing its speed to match with the evolving changes. Gone are the days when people install the same outdated curtains to their windows and doors. With smart upgrades in almost everything, the home is just another sector that is becoming more automated. Its…

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Two For The Price Of One: Day and Night Window Shades

Day and Night Cellular Shades

Sun-Up Sun-Down In An Instant with Day and Night Window Shades   Everything around us is going through so many changes and upgrades. From televisions to phones, from air conditioners to automobiles, you can find a smart amalgamation of technology and innovation anywhere. The window treatment industry is also seeing constant improvements. It is also bringing technological and smart changes in its various products and…

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Live a Healthier Life With Allergy-Free Window Treatments

Allergy-Free Window Blinds and Shades

Stop Sniffling & Block Allergens With Allergy-Free Window Blinds and Shades There is a big difference between household dust and harmful allergens or germs that cause diseases. Keeping a house clean regularly by dusting or vacuuming is obvious and essential, but it doesn’t block allergens that enter into your space. Windows and doors are the two main sourced from where light, dust, allergens and…

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Insulate Your Home Smartly With Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades

Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades

Energy-Efficient Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades For Smart Homes Exposure to UV radiations in sunlight has many beneficial effects on the health of humans, but over the past century, a large number of public health messages revealed the dangers of UV including aging, skin cancer and DNA damage. When it comes to the harsh and bright rays of the Sun, it’s what you…

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Give Voice Commands To Your Smart Blinds Using Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Smart Blinds

Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Blinds For a Truly Futuristic Vibe Alexa! Open the window blinds.Ok, Google! Close the window blinds.Sounds cool right? Make your home smarter and intelligent so you can give such voice commands to your window blinds. ZebraBlinds has made this possible with its latest collection of smart window blinds that can be operated smartly. You can operate these…

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Smarter Homes, Smarter Windows, A Smarter You

Smart Home Blind Solutions

Smart Home Blind Solutions- Let Your Windows Evolve with Time    We are stepping into the future with growing technologies for endless needs. Smart changes are constantly making our lives smarter and easier. A trending concept which is an ongoing demand across the globe is the Smart Home. Who wouldn’t want to be able to see who’s at the door from your smartphone…

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No More Cords to Untangle – Make Your Home Smart with Smart Motorized Shades

Smart Window Covering Ideas

Smart Window Covering Ideas for Smart Homes   Our world is packed in our sweet home where we spend our life happily with our loved ones. We put in so much effort to keep our home clean, beautiful and comfortable. We try to flourish it with all the possible facilities. We sit with our family and invest so much time in deciding wall…

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