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Trends and Window Treatments in Canada

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Exploring Our Options Bare windows, by themselves, with glass panes and external treatments, like awnings and screens, satisfy many requirements expected out of them. They let light and air into the home. They also to open up the space to make it feel less confining. Unfortunately, man cannot live with bare windows alone because many other conditions need to be…

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A point of view – Infant Sleep and Parenting

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Encourage Cortisol and Melatonin with Controlled Light Remember the awe you felt when your baby was born? That yawning rosebud that could turn into an unconscious smile that said ‘hallo’ or grim paroxysms of displeasure?! I remember my son’s first cries – those of mutant rage – but when he was laid on my chest, that glow of wonder, that…

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The Versatility of Eco-friendly Wood Products – Real Wood Blinds


  Wood vs. All Other In an earlier blog, I’d written about a 35-storey tower proposed by Michael Green Architecture for the Reinventer Paris competition, slated to be the tallest wood building in the world. In a sequel to that, I bring you the 13-storey timber tower, the condominium ‘Origine’, designed by Yvan Blouin, in Quebec’s Pointe-aux- Lièvres eco-district, the…

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The Importance of Brands in Window Shading

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Go for the best experience everytime! Every window offers an ideal opportunity to express individuality through functional aesthetics. There are a lot of people out there who just couldn’t give a fig and some who attach undue importance while there are those who take the middle ground. Then there are those who are completely at sea when it comes to…

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A Heartfelt gift for Mother’s day – Lakeforest Faux Wood Blinds

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My beloved Mother. “I remember my Mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have always clung to me all my life” – said Abraham Lincoln. As I was reading one of his biographies for my research, this quote instantly brought to me the thought that from the greatest to the most modest of men, they’ve all had this…

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The independence moving to lane house. Though Vancouver is fast gaining the status of being the ‘greenest ‘city in the world, especially with the institution of its ‘laneway housing’ policy, many of its residents still find it hard to wrap their minds around the stigma of living among garbage cans and garages. A Laneway house is defined as a home…

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WHY USE BLINDS AS YOUR PREFERRED WINDOW TREATMENT? Why would anyone go for a Venetian blind when the only limitation to finding an alternative for the purpose is imagination? Take one minute and list out the alternatives that come to mind. Fabric, bamboo, reed, hessian, wood, thoughtfully designed window panels, one way glass … the list can be as long…

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The Future is Here for Automatic Window Coverings!

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Cars used to be square before they became sleek. They had crank up windows, Radio machines that played cassettes, and the speakers that took most of the dashboard. Now we have cars from the Sci-Fi section. They talk to you, make calls for you, automatically lock a door and open windows. We even have cars only need gas refills once…

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