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Using Dual Brown Window Shades for An Earthy And Natural Look

Using Dual Brown Window Shades for An Earthy And Natural Look

Window Designs for a Nature-friendly Interior Appeal Most homeowners consider their home’s color palette as a charming and delightful accessory. In order to maintain the glow of the interior while highlighting the other decorative elements in the home, we look for various designer-worthy, classic, and colorful patterns. Color is a fundamental building block of interior design. Each of your furnishings…

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Do Wood Blinds Block Light?

Do Wood Blinds Block Light

Cover Windows with Wood Blinds to Block Out Light Everyone loves the soft and elegant touch of natural daylight, but when it becomes excessive, your interior starts getting overheated and you started feeling exhausted. Harmful sun rays not only make your indoor warm but also cause serious health issues. In order to maintain a cool and pleasing environment, the windows…

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Why Bamboo Blinds Are Growing in Popularity in Canada

Bamboo Blinds

Premium Bamboo Blinds for Your Canadian Home Décor From snow-covered mountains to layered green forests, sunny beaches to tranquil deserts, nature always motivates us with its beauty and freshness. But who said that this beauty has to stay outside of your home? There is no limitation in welcoming this earthy feeling inside your home. Now, you can draw a nature-friendly…

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The Advantages of Room by Room Window Décor

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Dress the Windows of Various Rooms Differently. Boredom is a terrible thing! The inertia that makes us incapable of performing tasks with any measure interest, much less perform it well, is mortifying, to say the least. Although boredom is universal, researchers haven’t defined it well enough to give it shape. Psychologist John Eastwood, Ph.D., of York University in Toronto, his…

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ECO- Friendly and Green Blinds, Shades A few decades ago, ‘green’ was just a color. Today it takes new significance, especially for new homeowners. Green is the new palaver every environment-conscious being is indulging in. And rightly so! We want to preserve our planet, for our children and theirs, to enjoy without ramifications of previous neglect. Seeing as how spring…

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Natural Blinds, Natural Shades and Drapes in Canada

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Regaining Their Popularity in Modern Decor of Canada.   “All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else.” – Plato When we consider adorning our windows with natural, eco-friendly window coverings,…

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Your Window Dressings Colors and You

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Choosing colors for Window coverings According to Pablo Picasso, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”. It can be vice-versa with our emotions following the changes of colors as well. A strong emotional bond exists between the colors around us and our emotions, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. That is the why we go green…

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