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Indoor Shutters as a Traditional Alternative to Covering Large Windows

Indoor Shutters As A Traditional Alternative to Covering Large Windows

Windows are an integral architectural element of interest in any house. Available in all kinds of symmetries, shapes, and sizes, ranging from the regular square and rectangular iterations to unusual and offbeat versions, from small and medium-sized windows to large ones, windows are quite fascinating and multi-dimensional. The windows are not only a portal within your house to the outside…

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Do Plantation Shutters Do A Good Job Of Blocking Out Light?

Do Plantation Shutters Do A Good Job Of Blocking Out Light

Journey of Finding the Right Window Treatment Solutions In your journey of finding a perfect window treatment for your home, you will come across tons of options. Blinds, shades, drapes, valance, cornice boards, etc. will overwhelm you with their range of colors, textures and features. You are often at your wit’s end trying to decide on a window covering that…

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How to Dress Your Trapezoid Shape Windows with Specialty Blinds and Shades

How To Dress Your Trapezoid Shape Windows with Specialty Blinds and Shades

The usual styles are not always enough for everyone and it shows in the bold and unusual architectural designs gaining in popularity, with more and more people opting for unique design and décor elements in their houses. While there are various things people do to give a distinct character to the look and feel of their place, experimenting with the…

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3 Window Treatments That Don’t Block Your View

3 Window Treatments That Dont Block Your View

Enviable Outside View Many of you have homes that boast of some amazing vistas. There are beautiful landscapes that define the surroundings and are a real treat for the eyes. The gorgeous mountain ranges, sea waves breaking on the shore, green meadows covered with blooming flowers, a meandering stream or majestic view of the sunset painting the sky with a…

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5 Best Ways to Block Heat from a Sliding Glass Door

5 Best Ways To Block Heat From A Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are a great addition to any home, giving you access to the outdoors while allowing natural light and fresh air to enter your indoor. The doors are a perfect and delightful way of enjoying the breath-taking view of outside nature without any hurdle. Their unique architecture makes them distinct from other standard doors, enhance the spaciousness of…

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Are There Window Coverings For Oval Windows?

Window Coverings For Oval Windows

All houses have windows and they come in many different shapes and sizes. No matter what their shape, their purpose of the use is the same – privacy and light control. Most commonly, windows come in the regular square or rectangular shapes. But many houses have odd-shaped windows too which include arches, ovals, hexagons, circles and even asymmetric windows. Some…

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Is it Normal for Plantation Shutters to Change Color?

Do Plantation Shutters Change Color

Window coverings are common sightings in our houses. Whether we are talking about shades, blinds, curtains or shutters, all these window treatment products adorn the windows and the doors in our houses. These products are long-lasting and also provide great value in terms of heat insulation, light-filtration and other benefits. But some of the window coverings which use fabric as…

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