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Don’t Buy a Whole New Blind! Use Replacement Window Slats To Repair Your Blinds Instead

Use Replacement Window Slats To Repair Your Blinds

Is It Easier to Replace a Broken Slat or Purchase a Whole New Blind? No matter what kind of window treatment we decide to purchase, we always look for something that is durable and requires only minimal maintenance. Window blinds are designed to serve practical values to your space while offering a charming appeal to your decor. They transform the…

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How to Remove Slats From Wooden Blinds

How To Remove Slats From Wooden Blinds

A major part of furnishing your home involves dressing up the windows and doors with elegant and stylish window coverings. Apart from making the indoor space more habitable, comfortable, and pleasant, the window coverings also enhance the visual appeal of the home décor. They accentuate the windows both aesthetically and functionally by improving their look and the R-value. The glass…

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How to Replace Blind Slats [Easy Guide]

How To Replace Blind Slats

Blinds and shades are an indispensable part of our home life. These have been helping out to make our lives more elegant and comfortable since the medieval ages. Back then, window coverings were invented to provide respite from the unrelenting blaze of the Sun and to prevent the dust from entering the house. Today, more sophisticated and feature-rich version of…

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