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5 Egress Window Covering Ideas to Filter Harsh Sunlight

5 Egress Window Covering Ideas To Filter Harsh Sunlight

Uniquely Designed Windows In the course of our discussions on different types of window treatments, we have learned that variety lies not only with window coverings but also with windows. When it comes to window shapes and sizes there are endless possibilities. Specialty-shaped windows like triangular, semi-circular and hexagon, angled windows, bay windows, skylight windows, the list is quite considerable.…

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5 Window Treatments Great at Reducing Heat from Wide Windows

5 Window Treatments Great At Reducing Heat From Wide Windows

Window accents have many layers of functionality. They are opted for many reasons. Choosing each aspect of home decor warrants for certain decision making and self-negotiation skills. With the booming worldwide web, picking has now become easy and stressful at the same time. This is because of the wide range of options present. Another factor to note is the evolution…

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When to Choose Solar Shades Over Roller Shades

Choose Solar Shades Over Roller Shades

When it comes to decorating windows with the best shades and blinds, we always look for new trendy solutions. There is a variety of window treatments available in the window fashion market, and solar roller shades are one of them. The popularity of these window shades has grown massively in recent years because of their exceptional beauty and functionality. You…

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Window Treatments that Look Best from Outside

Window Treatments that Looks Best from Outside

An Outside Home Transformation for a Versatile Outlook There is nothing more essential than revamping your architectural design. While most of us will only concentrate on the inside of the house, it’s equally important to look at the outside decorations. Since it’s the first thing your neighbors and visitors will notice, it can make or break your home’s first impression.…

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Inspired Living Room Window Solutions for the Ultimate Throwback Look

Inspired Living Room Window Solutions

Refresh Your Living Room with the Ultimate Window Design Ideas A properly maintained and well-decorated space always brings value to your decor. Most homeowners look for a sanctuary in their living room for perfect relaxation and entertainment. Brighten up your every day by offering your living room an attractive and stunning makeover. Bring out a stunning appearance while setting the…

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