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How To Decorate Bay Windows With Roman Shades

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THE HOUSE WITH THE BAY WINDOWS   “No. 14. Raleigh Street” I replied to the salesman at the hardware store while I re-checked my purchases and prepared to leave. “Oh, the house with the Bay windows”, he exclaimed, very excited now that he had got to meet me. I smiled at his reaction while he continued in the same breath,…

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Window Décor for Creative Upselling – Roman Shades Canada

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Roman Shades to the Rescue Working to supplement tuition is tough, and most students on scholarships or burdened by student loans will testify to this often bleak fact. My parents, both doctors, have moved back east while they’re still young enough to make the transition. My sister and I are both students – she has begun her medical studies while…

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ACHIEVE BALANCE WITH ARTISAN DRAPERY AND MATCHED PRODUCT – BEING ARTFUL The invention of the Badger Drapery Crane in 1939 was the beginning of an extraordinary and flourishing window treatment industry. John. N .Graber through his innovation and artistry elevated the standard of the window treatment industry with this practical approach. Quality materials and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of all…

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The Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality. Moving to Canada. Having lived in Singapore most of her adult life, my sister found her recent move to Canada a very difficult venture. Don’t rightly know why she’d decided to move back, but here she is, and not happy at all. Always the neatnik in the family, she referred to her husband…

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What are the Different Type of Roman Shades

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THE GREAT ROMAN EMPIRE: The Roman Empire prospered from 753 BC to around 1461 AD. The Romans as a race were very advanced in all spheres of life. Their government, which was democratic, their lifestyle, entertainment and even their architecture, has had an everlasting influence on our contemporary world. Their classical style evolved through mathematical calculations on proportions and styles…

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The Welcome Change of a Season’s Color with Norman Roman Shades

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The Awesome Appeal of Norman Center Piece Roman Shades. There comes a time when everything loses shine, be it an artifact that had to be bought, a favorite quilt, a coffee table that was chosen lovingly, even relationships! One needs to work constantly at keeping things ship shape – TLC is often underestimated! Fortunately, inanimate objects can be relegated to…

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The Glory of Handcrafted Expertise – Artisan Custom Roman Shades

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Artisan Window Shading. Walking in the park is lovely, no doubt, but when you pass by a few people wearing the same tee or the same pair of loafers, the enthusiasm that you started out starts to wane. How many different Nike tees can there be? And really, how differently dressed can we be? After all, we’re the hoi polloi,…

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Know Your Blinds and Shades

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What is the difference of Interior designer and a decorator? “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein My belief in those words is reinforced now and then when I come across homeowners who cannot distinguish between two different products and use the terms interchangeably, confusing me. Often my profession itself changes, and…

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Know The Different Functionality of Roman Shades

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Know The Different Functionality of Roman Shades- The Union of Drapes and Shades   Remember the wishful thinking that had you thinking your home could appear grand? A bit like color me happy! When you think of re-doing some little corner of your home there’s always a tradeoff between getting something modern and chic or conventional – the times your…

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