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Smart Blinds, Smart Home, Smart Life

Smart Blinds Smart Home Smart Life

Why Use Smart Home Window Blinds? We’ve come to a point in our lives where almost everything in our homes can be operated by the touch of a button. We can clap our hands and turn on lights, push buttons on a remote to turn on a television, and nowadays we can even use Smart Home Window Blinds to regulate…

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Best-In-Class Window Coverings For Your Dining Room

Remote Control Blinds

Add Wisdom To Your Windows With Remote Control Blinds   The dining room is a part of your home that needs your undivided attention. The ambiance of the dining room ought to be elegant, inviting, and comfortable. It is that space of your home where you unite, feast, and engage with your loved ones. For making the environment of your dining room peaceful and…

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Why Wood Is The Most Popular Material For Window Coverings

Motorized Wooden Venetian Blinds

Motorized Wooden Venetian Blinds To Give An Outstanding Appearance   Who does not want to live in an elegantly designed peaceful home? A beautiful, lively and comfortable home is a dream of every homeowner. Homeowners try to implement so many new ideas to give their homes a brand new look. One of the more popular and attractive ideas is adding a touch of…

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Which Smart Home Window Blind is Suitable for Your Room?

Smart Home Window Coverings

Smart Home Window Coverings for Your Home For anybody building from scratch or renovating a house, energy proficiency is the most important factor. Protecting the house while decorating it beautifully can directly affect how much vitality it employs. A passive home is ideal; it is the type of home that can stay comfortable throughout every season without fully utilizing a functioning…

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Give Voice Commands To Your Smart Blinds Using Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Smart Blinds

Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Blinds For a Truly Futuristic Vibe Alexa! Open the window blinds.Ok, Google! Close the window blinds.Sounds cool right? Make your home smarter and intelligent so you can give such voice commands to your window blinds. ZebraBlinds has made this possible with its latest collection of smart window blinds that can be operated smartly. You can operate these…

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Smarter Homes, Smarter Windows, A Smarter You

Smart Home Blind Solutions

Smart Home Blind Solutions- Let Your Windows Evolve with Time    We are stepping into the future with growing technologies for endless needs. Smart changes are constantly making our lives smarter and easier. A trending concept which is an ongoing demand across the globe is the Smart Home. Who wouldn’t want to be able to see who’s at the door from your smartphone…

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Smart Home Window Blinds with Amazon Echo Home Automation

Smart Home Window Blinds

Control Your Voice Controlled Smart Home Window Blinds with Alexa Home Automation   There is no doubt that smart home window blinds are the cool choice for your beautiful home. These blinds are not only smart, they also offer the quality of life benefits that make living a bit more comfortable. If you want to make your smart home window blinds even smarter, then integrate them…

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Avoid Common Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Messy


Avoid Decorating Mistakes for a Clutter-Free Home   Decorating your home is fun, but sometimes it can be difficult for many homeowners. Sometimes too much decorating or some of the decorating mistakes can make your house look more like a monster than a modern home. Nowadays, everyone wants to keep their home clean and simple throughout the year. Maybe you clean…

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