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5 Window Treatments Perfect for A Short Window

5 Window Treatments Perfect For A Short Window

Magical Treatment for Small Windows Small windows are the perfect architectural addition to homes built in the ’60s and ’70s. The small and unique structure of these windows make your interior look stylish and phenomenal. Regardless of size, all windows need some sort of covering to enhance the beauty and functional aspects of your space. When it comes to small…

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What Are Solar Shades?

What Are Solar Shades

Revamping or updating the look of your space is not only an expensive affair but a time consuming one. Right from re-painting the colors of the walls to changing some furniture, renovating a home space is not an option for everyone can afford, and even if they can it’s not an option that can be chosen all the time. While…

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Window Shades Can Add Aesthetic Interest to Your Entryway or Transom

Window Shades Add Aesthetic-Interest-To Your Entryway or Transom

Historically, transom windows were loved widely by the rich and influential for their functionality and beauty. Transoms are architectural marvels that raise the classiness of the home manifold. What is a transom you ask? A transom window is placed right above the doors or windows. The transoms are divided from the doors below with a solid bar of wood or…

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Do Solar Shades Provide Night Time Privacy?

Do Solar Shades Provide Night Time Privacy

Onset of Summer As spring bids us adieu and the sun’s rays start getting stronger you start getting apprehensive about the approaching summer months. The mercury rises and the days get warmer and less comfortable. You start avoiding the outdoor from the scorching heat and seek respite inside the house. As summer reaches its peak, the air inside gets hot…

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Do Solar Shades Keep the Cold Out?

Both the summers and the winters bring their own sets of challenges in terms of heat insulation and glare reduction. During the summers we think of ways to keep the heat and glare from the sunlight out. The winters are a different ball game altogether. The glare becomes a major issue during the cold season due to the awkward angle…

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What Is the Best R Value for Windows?

What Is The Best R Value For Windows

Determining the R-Value of Windows If extreme weather conditions are an issue for your home, then selecting the right windows can solve your problem while lowering the home’s utility bills. You might wonder what makes a window insulative and efficient in managing the room’s temperature. Well, while purchasing new window shade, a common term you will get to hear is…

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