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Oh Oh Oh the extended winter!   According to the CBCNEWS, though spring was meant to start on the March 20th, Halifax, Nova Scotia looks more like Hoth in the grips of winter, the ice planet from Star Wars. “It’s hard for me to admit — the one forecasting service that got this right was the Farmers’ Almanac. They talked…

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How Best To Use Natural Light without Damaging Your Interiors

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Damaging natural sunlight.   “I don’t mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I’ve saved all year. “– Victor Borge I agree with Victor Borge on the savings, but there is more to natural light than just savings. I am a daylight person, and nothing said against it has bothered me…

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The Perfect Kitchen Garden Aura With LightWeaves Roller Shades

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Creating the Right Atmosphere for a Kitchen Garden with LightWeaves Roller Shades   We were downsizing – not because of the economy or anything. Just that we thought of some practical measures to adopt as we’re growing older. We are running out of the energy it takes to maintain a large house. And plowing in the Canadian winter. Tired of…

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Easter Decor For Windows with Roller Shades

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The multi-option Roller Shades the effective shading solution.   Its Easter time, so as we prepare to praise the resurrected Lord, how about dawning a new look to your decor too! Christmas always steals the thunder, but this time round let’s set our homes for the risen Lord. “Toronto’s humid and hot this time of the year!” said my Uncle…

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ECO- Friendly and Green Blinds, Shades A few decades ago, ‘green’ was just a color. Today it takes new significance, especially for new homeowners. Green is the new palaver every environment-conscious being is indulging in. And rightly so! We want to preserve our planet, for our children and theirs, to enjoy without ramifications of previous neglect. Seeing as how spring…

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10 Common Errors to Avoid When Buying Window Treatments

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Keep in mind nothing is free! “From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own.” – Publilius Syrus When it comes to common mistakes when buying window treatments, you can always learn from the errors of others or do some research on internet. There is no need to make a mistake and live with it for years. Believe…

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Accessorize your Window treatments.   The winter will soon be gone, and spring will bring forth its own excitement – Ground Hog Day, the baseball season, spring break, daylight savings, floods! According to projections from, a late start to spring is expected across Ontario and Quebec (including Toronto and Montreal) thanks to a chilly north westerly wind. Excellent news…

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Ultrasonic Cutting Heads makes Roller Solar Shades last long

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The Devil is in the details. Secure your Window Shades investment.   “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important”, said the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. If you trust the intelligence of the man who gave crime fiction a new dimension, you need to pay attention to little things that matter…

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Eco Friendly Window Fashions The Solar Shades

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The Importance of Eco Friendly Window Dressings. Our planet is changing, and unfortunately not for the better. Isn’t it a shame, which we, the most civilized species on this planet, are responsible for its slow deterioration and destruction? Apart from slowly killing our beautiful planet, we are harming ourselves along with our loved ones by installing home furnishings manufactured with…

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