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How to Order Commercial Window Treatment Solutions

How to Order Commercial Window Treatment Solutions

Tips and Tricks for Finding Commercial Window Treatments When you plan for commercial space decoration, the first and last thing you should be thinking about is window treatments. Whether you are planning to decorate an office space, store, or a restaurant, window coverings can set the perfect mood while enhancing the other functional aspects of your space. Proper texture and…

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Bring Classic Designs and Lively Ambiance with Solar Blinds and Shades

Solar Blinds and Shades

Embrace Interior Trends with Solar Blinds and Shades Long and bright sunny days are just around the corner. A soft glowing natural light is always eye-soothing, but when it becomes excessive, you started feeling uncomfortable and annoyed. Choose solar blinds and shades that will definitely keep you protected and comfy from the harshness of direct daylight while giving your indoor…

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Get The Ball Rolling On The New Year With New Window Treatments

Freshening Your Windows For The New Year

Whether you are someone to make new year’s resolutions or not, the new year marks a fresh start, and with a fresh start comes change. One of the most popular resolutions for homeowners is to update the look of their home. This is the perfect time to decorate your windows with the best window coverings. Most of us stare at…

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Solar Shades for Windows with Great Views

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  Making the Best of Living in High Rise Buildings   “Divorce is never a pleasant experience. You look upon it as a failure. But I learned to be a different person once we broke up. Sometimes you learn more from failure than you do from success.” Michael Crawford When Laura initiated our divorce, I was devastated. I had worked…

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Perfume: The Story of a Woman who dared Dual Roller shades in a perfumery

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Dual Roller shades in a perfumery Antonio had come from a long line of Italian perfumers. His family history’s semblance to the Godfather trilogy was uncanny, with a touch of Mafia minus the frivolous killing. The Accardo family had quite a story to its existence. His great grandmother, Donatella escaped from Italy to bring her child into a world free…

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Dealing with Skin Sensitivity – Exterior Solar Shades Canada

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Comfortable Home Environs with External Solar Shades Ever come across people who suffer from devastating sun allergies? A sad state of affairs, to say the least. Not being able to go out in summer clothes! Not being able to stay home with overhead lamps! Always being covered from top to toe! Feeling like a freak, especially when there’s some change…

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When life knocks or doesn’t.

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Carmen’s “shading” grace! To give life to someone is a beautiful thing, but to give someone a second life after it has been pulled away from their very hands is invaluable. This is something Carmen had the pleasure of doing every other day. She was a life- guard on the Singing Sands Beach, Canada. She had lost count of how…

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The Different Hues of Forbidden Puppy Love – Dual Roller Shades

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Aided and Abetted by Shades. According to semiotics, it is said that windows are a spiritual portal through which the soul can roam but, for Addison, well into her teens, from Capreol a cozy mining town in Ontario, Canada, spiritual quests were the last thing on her mind. Apart from the occasional horoscope query that focused mainly on romantic opportunities,…

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The Perfect Kitchen Garden Aura With LightWeaves Roller Shades

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Creating the Right Atmosphere for a Kitchen Garden with LightWeaves Roller Shades   We were downsizing – not because of the economy or anything. Just that we thought of some practical measures to adopt as we’re growing older. We are running out of the energy it takes to maintain a large house. And plowing in the Canadian winter. Tired of…

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