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How to Customize A Shade to Best Dress Your Transom Window Treatments

How To Customize A Shade To Best Dress Your Transom Window Treatments

Our standard perception of windows stands challenged by the variety of window shapes and sizes that you come across. Windows are no longer just those rectangular openings adorning the walls of your house. They are much more than that. You have semi-circular windows, triangular windows, octagonal windows and the list if quite endless. These are the specialty shaped windows that…

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Window Shades Can Add Aesthetic Interest to Your Entryway or Transom

Window Shades Add Aesthetic-Interest-To Your Entryway or Transom

Historically, transom windows were loved widely by the rich and influential for their functionality and beauty. Transoms are architectural marvels that raise the classiness of the home manifold. What is a transom you ask? A transom window is placed right above the doors or windows. The transoms are divided from the doors below with a solid bar of wood or…

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