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5 Window Treatments Great at Reducing Heat from Wide Windows

5 Window Treatments Great At Reducing Heat From Wide Windows

Window accents have many layers of functionality. They are opted for many reasons. Choosing each aspect of home decor warrants for certain decision making and self-negotiation skills. With the booming worldwide web, picking has now become easy and stressful at the same time. This is because of the wide range of options present. Another factor to note is the evolution…

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Know The Differences – Hard and Soft Window Treatments

Hard and Soft Window Treatments

Explore the Differences Between Hard and Soft Window Treatments   Window treatments are used in interior home design to control light, create privacy, frame a view, add color and texture, and make a living space warm and inviting. Selecting the right window treatments for your home within your budget and matching to the decor of your room can be a…

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Window Treatments For Your French Doors to a Patio

French doors can be really tricky to dress up with window medicines since it’s not the same thing just like a regular window. With long glass windows and decorative handles, French doors bring beauty and elegance to any home.In many cases, they look beautiful not to be covered only, there are a number of window treatments for French doors that…

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What Are The Top Privacy Shades that Let Light In?

Dilemma of Dressing up Your Windows Dressing up a window effectively and adequately is a daunting and challenging task for many homeowners. If you have a room with a stunning outside view, you are tempted to preserve this view but there arises the problem of privacy. Finding the right pair of window solution that will offer privacy while letting natural…

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Window Treatment for a Busy Home – Aluminum Window Blinds

Aluminium-Blinds-Canada -

Sturdy, Robust and Economical – Aluminum Window Blinds.   My house can be called a circus. It is a weird family with crazy members my husband, three kids, two dogs, four gold fish, the boss of all, Missy our cat, and I! Terry Pratchett said, “In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” This was…

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