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How To Trim Vertical Blinds Down To Size

How To Trim Vertical Blinds Down

Trimming Vertical Blinds to Size Vertical window blinds are an amazing choice when it comes to large windows or patio door decoration. Their incredible ability to controlling sunlight, privacy, and UV rays makes them a popular and fashionable choice to install in residential and commercial spaces. The blinds are available in a variety of colors and design selections, and customizing…

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How to Dress Your Palladian Window?

How to Dress Your Palladian Window

Transform the Appearance of Palladian Windows Having a palladin window in your home is magnificent and alluring. This kind of window has a specific design, a three-section window where the center part is arched and more extensive than the other two rectangular parts. These windows were popular in the 17th and 18th centuries in Renaissance architecture and other classic structures.…

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Top 10 FAQs About Window Treatments

FAQs About Window Treatments

FAQs About Window Treatments Not sure what you want for window treatments? Here are some common questions.  Having a lot of questions about custom window dressings? There are many different types of window shades, blinds, and shutters in different styles and varieties. When you’re planning to find window coverings for your home, it can be confusing at times. It can be intimidating to navigate the window treatment…

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