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Fit For A King – Window Shades for your Large Mansion Windows

Mansion Window Treatments

Mansion Window Treatments Window treatments can set the tone for any room by adding natural sunlight or taking it away. Having large windows is a major plus in any home – they add character and provide much coveted natural light. Without window treatments, however, space will look unfinished.   No matter how proud you are of your home, we’re willing…

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Thinking With Color – How to Choose the Right Color To Fit Your Room

Best Colored Window Shades

Treat Your Room With The Best Color Shades There is nothing more comforting than sitting inside your beautiful home and enjoying the beautiful view with warm sunlight shining through. Whether you think about it or not, your windows are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in and they help you connect with your environment. Windows, the eyes…

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Geometric Patterns – The In Thing – Custom Drapery Panels

Artisan-Custom-Drapery-Panels-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

The Use of Patterns to Create Bold, Dynamic and Electric Interiors I have been decorating homes for my customers for quite a few decades now. I have seen the rise and fall of many trends in home furnishings and interior décor. My policy is to please the customer with what they require. When it comes to window treatments, I have…

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Window Treatment with Rain on the Window Pane

Soft-Folded-Roman-Shades-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

Saguenay, Terrace, Corner Brook, St. John’s, Prince Rupert Out of the night the thunder rang in my ear. I can’t fight the feelin’, Lord, that brings forth my fears. I wish it was over, Lord, please stop the rain. The rain that’s fallin’ on my window pane. (Grand Funk Railroad Lyrics)     Saguenay, Quebec Saguenay gets 950.8 mm of…

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Room Darkening or Blackout Shades!

Fabric-Valanaces-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

Keep Daylight Out With The Right Window Coverings. The other day I got home, tired and drained from the March-ending work load; my energy was depleted! There was some household work pending too, but somehow I pulled myself together to finish it, and bummed by it all, finally hit the couch. Dragging myself to bed a little later, I got…

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Countdown the Year with ZebraBlinds! Window Treatments

December-Calander - ZebraBlinds.ca

December is the perfect time to celebrate the holidays and everything that comes with it. The food, the new years celebrations, the laughter, the Christmas tree, the family, and everything else. When you celebrate with ZebraBlinds, you’re sure to have a great time! Come countdown the year with us on the ZebraBlinds calendar! The month of December is a magical…

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Ruckus on a Rainy Day

Cleaning-Drapes - Zebrablinds.ca

  Every once in a while, a Sunday “Fun” Day isn’t that. The sun is not shining, the birds are not chirping, and it’s pouring cats and dogs like there is no tomorrow. While we need the rain to survive, it sure does interfere with our plans sometimes! Working around it isn’t hard though- we stay in the home for…

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Get The Right Drapes for your home

Draperies-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

  The green is in your window designs. No, I don’t mean you have green windows, I mean windows are now designed to be more eco-friendly. They are bigger and placed cleverly to illuminate your home beautifully with natural. No more wasted energy and heavy electric bills. Going “Au Naturel” is the new you fashion. But bare large windows with…

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The Gentle Touch of Spring with Window Treatments

amazing-discounts - ZebraBlinds.ca

With Jack Frost leaving town its time to open those windows. This year accessorize your windows for the season. Let those windows be the elegant door ways for Spring. Let them be fresh, beautiful, and perfect. Let them be in style for Spring! So here are the trends for this season: Fabric: Gossamer, the elegant lady of fabrics is bringing…

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Picking Your Window Treatments: Eeny Meeny, Miny Mow!

Blinds-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mow. Catch a tiger by his toe. If you can’t, let him go. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mow! If that you while shopping for your window treatments you need to read this. This is written especially for you; this is written to make the guessing games go away and to help you make the informed decision. Now you…

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