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What Window Treatments Best Suit Your Kid’s Room?

Window dressings in a child's room

Window treatments for children’s bedrooms are an important element in creating a fun and safe space for them. With the treatment, you must achieve a balance between aesthetics and functionality. You can guarantee that your child receives the right amount of natural light during the day, and also make sure that he or she has a dark and cozy room…

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Geometric Patterns – The In Thing – Custom Drapery Panels

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The Use of Patterns to Create Bold, Dynamic and Electric Interiors I have been decorating homes for my customers for quite a few decades now. I have seen the rise and fall of many trends in home furnishings and interior décor. My policy is to please the customer with what they require. When it comes to window treatments, I have…

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Window Treatment with Rain on the Window Pane

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Saguenay, Terrace, Corner Brook, St. John’s, Prince Rupert Out of the night the thunder rang in my ear. I can’t fight the feelin’, Lord, that brings forth my fears. I wish it was over, Lord, please stop the rain. The rain that’s fallin’ on my window pane. (Grand Funk Railroad Lyrics)     Saguenay, Quebec Saguenay gets 950.8 mm of…

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What Is the Right Window Treatment for Your Home?

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How to Choose Appropriate Window Treatments   “Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing” John D. Rockefeller In my professional life, I have learned the lesson that it is not only doing the right thing that is important, but also letting people, especially my customers, know…

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Be Environment friendly. From the beginning of time, man has strived to make a mark by stamping an indelible signature of superiority over other beings, and more often than not promoting imbalances in the otherwise perfect ecosystem. Indiscriminate deforestation to accommodate an ever-swelling population, unchecked pollution levels, ever-increasing demands on fossil fuels, and the effects of the overuse of natural…

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Accessorize Your Window Treatments with Wood Cornices and Valances

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The benefits of ‘finished’ windows. Have you ever done a presentation without doing a recap? Didn’t it feel like something was missing? How about that day you got all duded up, glam in designer clothes, shoes, accessorized to the hilt, but hair scrunched into a dreadful ponytail?! Quite a bit like having people over for dinner and not paying attention…

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The Importance of Learning about Window Dressing Designs

Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Choose the Right Window Treatment to Increase Energy Efficiency. You may have chosen ultra – modern window treatments for your home from a reputed brand, expecting them to save you on energy bills and provide complete practical functionality. Are you happy with the outcome? If you are then you can stop reading here. If not, continue reading to evaluate the…

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Room Darkening or Blackout Shades!

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Keep Daylight Out With The Right Window Coverings. The other day I got home, tired and drained from the March-ending work load; my energy was depleted! There was some household work pending too, but somehow I pulled myself together to finish it, and bummed by it all, finally hit the couch. Dragging myself to bed a little later, I got…

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6 Tips on Improving Home Decor with Room Darkening Shades

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Home Decor with Room Darkening Shades “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”, said Thomas Dekkar. There is nothing more annoying than the lights streaming through your window, shredding your precious golden chain to pieces, precisely when you just want to steal a few more winks. As we all know, early to bed, early to…

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