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Home Garden and Window Treatments for You and Yours

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It’s important to get together with the family to maintain good relationships, and to make them grow stronger. How do you start a relationship with your kids when you haven’t had one before? Kindle it with a passion you both share. How do you find a passion when you don’t have one in common? Create one. Better yet- plant one!…

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Get The Right Drapes for your home

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  The green is in your window designs. No, I don’t mean you have green windows, I mean windows are now designed to be more eco-friendly. They are bigger and placed cleverly to illuminate your home beautifully with natural. No more wasted energy and heavy electric bills. Going “Au Naturel” is the new you fashion. But bare large windows with…

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The Gentle Touch of Spring with Window Treatments

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With Jack Frost leaving town its time to open those windows. This year accessorize your windows for the season. Let those windows be the elegant door ways for Spring. Let them be fresh, beautiful, and perfect. Let them be in style for Spring! So here are the trends for this season: Fabric: Gossamer, the elegant lady of fabrics is bringing…

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Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning of Window Treatments

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Cleaning your window treatments may look a bit confusing and difficult, especially if they are pleated shades or made with fabrics. We at Zebra Blinds recommend a through vacuuming or dusting every other week to maintain a general cleaning. For the special occasions of Spring Cleaning or even you monthly wipe downs here are a few things to do: For…

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Window Shades in Your Home

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All artists understand the importance of light and colors, of how to manipulate it, filter it, highlight it, slant it, dim it, and ever more. Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Picaso, Edvard Munch all artists who played with colors and light to create masterpieces. Now it is your turn! Your home is your canvas, your inspiration your brush, your décor your…

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