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Are Shutters Always Better Than Regular Wood Blinds?


Which One is Best? Shutters Or Wooden Blinds Window treatments are a vibrant way of inviting colors and textures to your interior. They add a splash of style without overwhelming the space. Their functional values and versatility make them a must-have choice for your designer-worthy homes. But the key to achieving all these benefits is knowing the right window designs…

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Cellular Shades vs. Wood Blinds – Which One is Right for You?

Cellular Shades vs. Wood Blinds

No home décor is complete without appropriate window treatments to complement it well. Dressing up barren windows and doors is important not only to enhance the aesthetic sublimity but also for effective light control and protection against the unforgiving summer heat and dust. Window coverings help keep the interiors comfortable during the extremes of scorching summers and chilly winters. The…

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How to Dress Your Trapezoid Shape Windows with Specialty Blinds and Shades

How To Dress Your Trapezoid Shape Windows with Specialty Blinds and Shades

The usual styles are not always enough for everyone and it shows in the bold and unusual architectural designs gaining in popularity, with more and more people opting for unique design and décor elements in their houses. While there are various things people do to give a distinct character to the look and feel of their place, experimenting with the…

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Select Beautiful and Budget-friendly Blinds in Canada

Window Blinds Online

When it comes to the interior decoration of a home, most people pay a lot of attention to bigger things like furniture, appliances, flooring, paints, and wallpapers, etc. We even pay a lot of attention to the smaller details such as picture frames, shelves, indoor plants, and all of those home decor products. However, window treatments usually get less attention…

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Amazing Window Treatments to Decorate Your Dining Room

Window Treatments For Dining Area

Decorate your dining room with amazing window blinds Good window treatments can easily change your decorating plan. They are one of the focal points in any room, and require a great deal of consideration.  Window treatments will always catch the eye – whether they are beautifully designed and decorated, or if they clash horribly against the look of the room.…

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Window Treatments For Your French Doors to a Patio

French doors can be really tricky to dress up with window medicines since it’s not the same thing just like a regular window. With long glass windows and decorative handles, French doors bring beauty and elegance to any home.In many cases, they look beautiful not to be covered only, there are a number of window treatments for French doors that…

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Graber Horizontal Window Blinds with unlimited options

Graber-Traditions-Wood-Blinds-Canada -

With the wide variety and selection of window blinds in the North American, choosing the blinds can seem like a daunting task. Graber help’s with this process by offering a solid selection of products ranging from Traditions wood blinds, Lake Forest Faux wood blinds and finally their simple selection series of wood and faux wood blinds. All three types of…

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Window Treatment with Rain on the Window Pane

Soft-Folded-Roman-Shades-Canada -

Saguenay, Terrace, Corner Brook, St. John’s, Prince Rupert Out of the night the thunder rang in my ear. I can’t fight the feelin’, Lord, that brings forth my fears. I wish it was over, Lord, please stop the rain. The rain that’s fallin’ on my window pane. (Grand Funk Railroad Lyrics)     Saguenay, Quebec Saguenay gets 950.8 mm of…

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