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It Is Never Too Late To Take the First Step

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“I guess I don’t really believe in retirement. I believe in shorter days and maybe in weekends!”Alice Waters

I wasn’t one of those people who looked forward to retirement in Vancouver, British Columbia. I enjoyed going to work every day of the week so that I deserved to relax during the weekend. I did not have any elaborate plans for the days when I would be free to do whatever I loved to do because there was nothing much I could say I loved to do, at this point, at least.

When all the glamor of playing cards and retirement parties were over, I found myself looking ahead to blank days, with nothing to do. I wish I had made plans earlier for this day, so that retirement is not something that traumatizes me!

It is never late to start anything in your life, even a retirement plan. What if I am doing it after retirement? I am finally doing it, and that is what counts! I decided to make a list of things to do for the first year. Looking around my home, I found that it could look much better than it did at the moment. Even though Laura had moved out, she had left a lot of stuff behind, so my house still looked messy, as if there were teens in and out all the time. Also, my clothes were always strewn around because the closets were full of unwanted and unused stuff that had not been touched for years.

A yard sale was first on my list. It included the elaborate and flashy Roman Shades in a color that I abhorred. It was surprising that I had never paid any attention to them so far, but now that I was spending more time at home, I wanted to be sure that my interior decor would be something that would uplift my mood. I decided to do away with the carpet, the bed coverings and most of the unused clothes that had been stuffed into every available nook and cranny in my home.

I did not wait long since springtime yard sales are probably the most popular, especially during early spring when shoppers have cabin fever and are itching to hit the streets in search of yard sale bargains. This was about the right time. I called in my nephew and niece to help me arrange the yard sale for the weekend. Not having anything planned of their own for the spring break, they were more than happy to lend me a hand.



Fabric-Valanaces-Canada -

Four days of hard work and we were ready for a huge yard sale to be held over the weekend. You can say it was one of the biggest yard sales we had ever seen on our street. The first to go, without bargain, were the Roman Blinds that fetched me good money. Fantastic, how tastes differ from individual to individual. I could get rid of almost everything and was left with just a few things in the end. We decided to give those things away.

After the yard sale, we had a grand dinner at the local restaurant without hesitating even for a moment to think about the large bill we’d run up. We had made enough out of the ‘garbage’ we’d gotten rid off. The next morning, I found my home so much better than it had looked in years. I decided to go for a minimalistic decor for my interiors without any dashing or flashy colors. I’d had enough of them in the past few years.

Suddenly deprived of their dressings, my bare windows looked naked and ugly. First I had to decide on a color because there was something about the colors that irritated me often. I couldn’t think beyond grays, cream or white. Since my walls had always been white, something that had escaped Laura’s touch, I decided to opt for light gray or whites for the rest of the decor as well.

I needed privacy, insulation and light filtering besides the decorative value of the window treatment. One of the products that suited my taste, requirement and color options were the Crystal Pleat Graber Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades that had an amazing minimalistic appearance yet were quite chic and modern. I especially loved the Translucence 3/8 inch Double Cell Jack Frost fabric option which was something that met my own visual image perfectly.

Before moving ahead with my window decoration project, I decided to work on my drawing room windows first to know what I was getting into. This was one of those rooms I spent the least time in. I decided to order the one touch Aluminum Venetian Blinds for my bathroom and kitchen windows, as well. My bathroom and kitchen windows had odd shapes and sizes, hence these were the best choice for me. They are extremely durable, fire retardant, dust resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant and easy to maintain or clean. All the qualities that are essential for high humid and easy- to-get-messy areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Once installed in my drawing-room, I found the cellular shades were user-friendly and met all the modern trends in window treatments. They fit in snugly on my drawing room windows and enhanced its beauty so much that I found myself spending more time there than I had ever before. With their insulation functions, they would be saving me a lot energy, especially if I opted for fully automated motorized window coverings for my home. I could relax peacefully insulated from the noise outside the drawing room once the windows were covered.

I had a clear picture of what I was getting, so I did not wait long to place my order for the rest of my windows. I am completely satisfied with the soft new tones of my interiors! I went the extra mile to match my bed coverings, carpet, and other accessories to blend window décor of my home.

Once I completed my ‘Project – Home Renovation’, I started off with next on my agenda – visiting my hometown London, Ontario after 28 long years. Retirement isn’t bad, after all; I am already having fun, planning without pressure!

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