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Cover Your Palladian Windows With Elegance

Blinds for Palladian Windows

Traditional Palladian Windows with a Smart Twist of Tech-Inspired Blinds


Named after Andrea Palladio, Palladian windows are larger windows with three sections – the center arched section and two side sections. These windows reflect the Italian architectural style of 17th and 18th centuries adding a classic touch to your homes. Also known as Venetian and Serliana windows, these windows are large in size, projecting a more stately and formal feeling. Their large size allows a great deal of sunlight to enter your home making it hot and unpleasant. Harmful UV radiations of the sun can even damage your furniture, flooring and other home décor items. It is necessary to filter the excess sunlight and harsh glare to make the ambiance of your home comfortable and soothing.

Covering these graceful windows is not a difficult task anymore with our huge collection of custom window blinds. Installing window blinds for Palladian windows is the perfect solution, and won’t impact the classic look and architectural interest they add to your home. Our smart window blinds for Palladian Windows not only will let these lovely silhouettes filter out excess sunrays but will also make them smart and tech-inspired. Take a look at the following reasons why you should cover your Palladian windows.


Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Blinds for Palladian Windows

Coming back home from a stressful day at work and finding scorching sun throwing the harsh glare at you will be so irritating and uncomfortable. Your home is a place where you feel relax and away from all the tensions of outside world. You seek insulation and peace to get yourself recharged for the next day’s schedule. An unpleasant and hot atmosphere inside home due to outside the harsh climate will make you feel the need of shielding your home with an effective and budget-friendly solution. ZebraBlinds has come up with that solution in customizable options.


#1. Blocking Harmful UV Rays

Sunrays in winters are great, but in summers, they raise the temperature of your home, making it hot and unpleasant. They can even do a lot of damage to your skin and to the interiors of your home. So, blocking them is an essential step you should take by implementing window blinds. Palladian windows, being larger in size, allow an excess amount of light to enter inside.


Window blinds not only control the sunrays but also provide your windows with a new and modern look. You can control the amount of sunlight with various specifications available like opacity range, types of material, kinds of window blinds, functionality and many more. With controlled amount of sun rays entering your home, the ambiance of your home will remain pleasant and nice.


Palladian Windows with Smart Blinds


#2. Saving Energy Bills

High energy bills can dig a hole in your pocket in no time. With increasing inflation rates, saving even a small amount holds a considerable amount of importance. Installing an air conditioner to shield your home from outside hot temperatures can be an expensive deal which will end up with increased energy bills. For saving smart, you must opt for smart implementations in your home. One of the most trending and energy-efficient solutions is smart window blinds. They will filter out the excess amount of sunrays and harsh glare.


When the light entering your home will be controlled, the temperature inside your home will automatically be reduced. Thus, you will feel less need of switching air conditioner on all the time leading to saving of energy bills. You can choose from numerous kinds of window blinds available in the market as per your requirements like solar blinds, cellular blinds, vertical blinds, sheer blinds, and many more.


Vertical Cellular Blinds for Palladian Windows


#3. Your Windows, Your blinds, Your choices 

It totally depends on your preferences when it comes to choosing the perfect window blinds for your Palladian windows. If you want to completely block the sunlight creating a completely dark ambiance, then you can go ahead with blackout window blinds and shades. These blackout shades are perfect to get a nap during daylight or to work or study. If you wish to maintain the view also along with filtering the UV rays then sheer roller shades are perfect. They are crafted from a sheer fabric which serves the purpose efficiently and also makes the windows look elegant. Feel close to nature by installing wood blinds or natural blinds crafted from bamboo or jute or other natural materials.


These blinds are eco-friendly and easy to install as well. Blinds for Palladian windows come with various specifications to match the needs and décor of your home. Its a myth that covering an arch-shaped window is a tough task. We provide customization options with our window blinds so that they can perfectly fit in windows of any size and shape.


Blackout Blinds for Palladian Windows


#4. Combine Tradition with Technology

Palladian windows project a very traditional, formal and elegant look to your home. Adding a twist of technology in it will create a very unique fusion that will make your home smarter and more intelligent. And that twist is smart window blinds. With so many tech-inspired and smart gadgets flooding in the market, ZebraBlinds has a smart solution to cover your windows.


Our smart window blinds are cordless and can be operated with a portable and convenient remote control from anywhere in your room. They are equipped with Z-wave technology which enables them to be operated without cords: with a remote, your smartphone, or even your voice. This feature makes these blinds safe for kids and pets. You can even program these blinds by setting alarms according to the temperature and timings. The built-in Z-wave chip allows them to connect with automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings, Wink and Vera Plus. They can also be operated with voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Echo which enable you to give voice commands to them.


Smart Motorized Blinds for Palladian Windows


#5. Saving the Environment

With the rising need of air conditioners across the globe, our environment is getting degraded with each passing year. Air conditioners contribute at a great scale in disturbing the ecological balance. They make the inside of your home cool and pleasant but carry harmful side effects for environment simultaneously. If you wish a healthy and safe environment for your children in future then this is the right time to take action.


Shielding your home with an eco-friendly solution is a better and cost-effective way of contributing to a greener and safer environment. Custom window blinds make the ambiance of your home cool and comfortable by blocking hot sun rays and harsh glare. These window blinds serve the purpose without affecting the outside atmosphere in any way.


Natural Wood Blinds for Palladian Windows


With all these reasons, there is no scope left of not choosing Smart Window Blinds for Palladian windows. To get these installed in your home, you don’t need to roam around in the market in search of the perfect one. Just explore our collection on our website and order custom window blinds online. Our experts are available 24/7 to guide you for accurate measurements, installation, cleaning, and maintenance. You can trust us completely for this worthy investment.

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