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The face of the home!

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The face of the home!

Window Treatments - Shangri-La Sheer Shades CanadaIf eyes are windows to the soul, then windows are the eyes of a house that provide a glimpse of the world without and within. And if we were to carry forward the analogy and continue with this comparison of a house with a woman’s face – we would discover a whole range of similarities between eyes and windows. I would put windows at the same level of importance while judging the aesthetics of a house as I would put eyes while determining the beauty of a face. Pretty eyes are always an advantage – that explains the number of beauty products available at cosmetic counters! And, just as mascara, eyeliner, a variety of hues in eye shadows and even false eyelashes glorify the natural structure of eyes; window treatments like drapes, shades and blinds dress and beautify these apertures that are a structural requirement of a building.

The need to dress windows is instinctive in a home-maker. I remember reading a novel by Steinbeck in my youth where a homeless couple makes a home in an abandoned construction pipe. One day the man is quite surprised when his wife demands lace curtains to dress the either ends of the pipe!


In a world where “no fuss” is slowly becoming our motto in every walk of life, blinds seem to make more sense than drapes or curtains when it comes to dressing up the windows.


More minimalistic

Just as from heavy mascara and false eyelashes the trend has shifted towards minimal make-up that makes you look pretty without drawing attention to the products used, in the world of decor the trend is moving towards non-invasive and minimalistic embellishment, rather than tassels, frills, and frippery. So you walk into a room, and you get a sense of beauty and sophistication without opulent designs that overpower your senses.


More practical

Today’s woman prefers to make up that is practical and fuss-free. For instance, eyeliner brushes are getting replaced by felt-tipped pens that leave no room for error. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to carry on this eye imagery while bringing in protective eye gear in the form of dark glasses. Pretty eyes need protection from the sun and dust, and dark glasses are a fashionable way of achieving this. Window blinds that protect the interiors from sunlight and dust make a lot of practical sense in flats, offices, and houses where space is a concern. They are also less of a fire hazard than fluttering curtains. Because they are so flush with the wall, they also ensure better insulation and prevent loss of heat and cold.


Beauty in the eye

Interiors, just like make-up, are a matter of individual choice. When it comes to make-up, it is what suits your tastes and requirement that ultimately defines your personality. Similarly, it is the personality of the owner that finds expression in the way a house looks from the inside. While trends do play a role in influencing the fabrics, metal, bamboo or plastics that are used for the window treatments, it is the house owner’s predilections that get reflected in the choices he or she makes.


Highlighting does the trick

Makeup artists maintain that before doing up a face, you must determine which feature of the face should be highlighted. Is it the lips or the eyes? If it is the eyes, then the focus should be eyes making them stand out and keeping the lips neutral. If the eyes are dark, smoky or startling, then the lips should be nude rather than a brilliant red. If both the features are highlighted then, the effect would be garish. The same rule applies to the interior of a room – if the furniture is eye-catching or there are artifacts like statues, lamps and brilliant artwork on the wall, then the blinds should be very neutral and just complement the decor. However, if the rest of the room is underplayed or Spartan, it would be quite interesting to have brilliant fabrics in interesting patterns to make the blinds. If the furniture is very modern, it would be interesting to have it coupled with bright silks for blinds. Again, it is totally dependent on individual tastes. However, just like an overdone face detracts from its natural beauty, an overdone room can be an onslaught on the senses.





Blinds for the season

A gloomy winZebra Sheer Shadester outside demands a warm and welcoming interior. And, when it comes to fabrics nothing like silks! Women over the years have always understood the warm beauty of this fabric choosing silks for the winter and cotton in summer. Before synthetics came on the scene, these two natural fabrics epitomized the two seasons as far as the wardrobe of a lady was concerned.


Decorators and designers understand that warmth is not just a matter of maintaining a certain temperature. It is also a visual concept. There are colors that give an impression of warmth and even makeup artists advise certain colors like burnt orange and vivid red for winter while opting for shades of lipstick.


It would be a great idea to dress your windows with warm silks this season and brighten up your home with brilliantly colored silk drapes. While bright shades of silk will make an elegant backdrop for a room with beige, cream or brown furniture, brightly colored furniture would go well with gray, gold or off-white blinds. Even pastel colors in silk give a pearly glow to the room, which is welcome indeed on a wintery evening!



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