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The Five Most Popular Blackout Shades for your Bedrooms | ZebraBlinds

Cordless Cellular Shades

The bedroom is a place to relax after a long chaotic day. And sometimes you just need a little peace and quiet. A completely dark room is the key to a good night’s rest, and it’s easier to achieve than you think. If you love the dark, then blackout shades offer an ideal answer: all light will be blocked out and the shades will keep the room totally dim. Privacy is also important for the bedroom, and the proper shade will allow you to block anyone from looking into your room.

Choosing a Blackout Shades for Bedroom

Blackout shades are made from special material that helps you block sunlight from getting into your room, and also obstructs any light inside being seen by anybody on the outside. This makes them great for your bedroom, giving you the ultimate comfort of a good night’s sleep.

Everyone wants to reduce their energy bill. These shades help by reducing heat gain and heat loss. This means the shades maintain the temperature by reflecting or by absorbing the daylight.
Blackout shades can also help block out the amount of noise coming from the outside.

Blackout shades are perfect for your bedroom, where you need a private place to rest.

How to Darken Your Bedroom Window with Blackout Shades

Choosing the right window shades can be a game changer for your home. While picking blackout window treatments, the first thing is to determine the type of blackout shade. Below are the ideal shades for your bedroom.

Blackout Roller Shades :
Blackout Roller Shades for bedrooms are great choice to make your room attractive, warm, and more beautiful. Blackout roller shades are designed to keep virtually all outside light from going into a room. They come in a variety of colors. The shades can be mounted inside or outside of the window frame, but outside mounting blocks more light as you can eliminate light gaps and allow for overlap.


Blackout Shades


There are two main choices of blackout rollers: LightWeaves Graber Blackout Roller Shades and Crown Roller Shades Blackout.

LightWeaves Graber Blackout Roller Shades: These blackout roller shades made by Graber are available in a large variety of fabric colours and options. Choose between a continuous loop, motorized lift, or cordless mechanism. A motorized lift allows you to operate your shades with a remote and cordless is perfect for families with the children.

Bedroom Blackout Shades
Arboretum Black Out Monarch (37-1370-02) Dual Solar With Sheer Roller Shades

Crown Roller Shades Blackout The crown blackout rollers are very affordable and completely block all light through their fabric. These shades come with a continuous loop chain and are simple and easily operated.

Master Bedroom Blackout Shades

Cellular Shades
When you are looking for insulation in addition to blackout fabrics, cellular shades (or honeycomb shades) are the perfect choice for your bedroom. Cellular shades hold air pockets in their cell structure. These air pockets allow the shades to prevent heat loss during the winter season and heat gain during the month of summer. By design, cellular shades also have less of a light gap than rollers, and could be better for an inside mount. Blackout cellular shades with cordless top down bottom up mechanism will be a perfect choice for your bedroom.

Cordless Cellular Shades
Cordless Sun Up/Sun Down Cellular Shade in 3/8 inch Double Cell Northern Lights, Cotton 2401 (top) and 3/8 inch Double Cell Midnight, Falcon 3847 (bottom).


CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades
These shades are available in motorized, cordless, and continuous loop controls. Customize your shade with a variety of different cell sizes for your insulation needs, as well as side channels to improve light blockage.

Slide-Vue Graber Blackout Cellular Vertical Shades
An alternative to regular wooden or PVC vertical shades – go for cellular vertical shades as a great way to insulate a doorway or other large window that brings in a lot of heat. Vertical cellulars give your door that unique look and are a perfect combination of form and function

CrystalPleat Blackout SkyTrack Skylight Cellular Shades
These shades have a metallic liner and side tracks that remove any light leakage. Blackout Skylight Cellular Shades are ideal for hard to reach skylight windows as they come with sky poles and aluminum center rail handles making them easier to operate. They are also available in motorized options for easy remote control.

The worst thing is jumping into bed and noticing the light coming through your window. For your comfort, ZebraBlinds has a wide selection of blackout shade products. They are the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. Still not sure on what to decide on? We’re here to help.

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