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The Role of Smart Blinds in a Multifunctional Home


A busy household has too many roles to perform in one go. On one hand, it caters to the various requirements of the individual members. But a household also takes care of the collective comfort, safety, and wellbeing of a family.

Every home is different. Some cater to the needs of busy professionals, some create a nurturing environment for happy families, while others form the perfect setting for friends and families. Each home is special in how they meet the varied requirements of the inhabitants.

Just like the inhabitants, each room also comes with their specific requirements. Bedrooms need peace and quiet, while a sitting room is all about ambience. The kitchen is a practical place, whereas the library is a refuge. In this respect, every home is a multi-functional domain, balancing a wide-range of necessities and requirements with the alacrity of a juggler.

Window coverings play a unique role in fulfilling those demands and turning comfort into a well-earned reality. Windows are responsible for keeping a room well-ventilated, comfortably warm or cold, and for allowing in just the right amount of light. The window coverings you select for your windows will be instrumental in creating a perfect balance between the natural elements and the mechanical comfort factors that modern homes usually have. For this reason, when you are trying to dress your windows, align them with the specific requirements of the room.

Specific Requirements of a Room

Bedroom: Let’s start with your favourite room, the bedroom. Bedroom is where you unwind and spend some quality time with yourself. It is also where you replenish your body with much required rest. But the untimely presence of the sun would get in the way. Light sleepers, little children, as well as shift-workers usually find sunlight as a highly disruptive element. To cut off light completely, select a blackout blind and enjoy the night-like effect even during the day. The thick material of blackout blinds also cuts off sound to a large extent, while trapping the heat or chill inside.

Smart Blinds in Bedroom: However, all this is not enough to ensure a peaceful sleep. How will you sleep when the sun shines on your eyes at the wee hours, long before you have set your alarm. Would it not be wonderful if your blinds came down on their own before the sun rises? This is possible with smart blinds. If you have smart blinds, you can sync them with the home automation system, or set a schedule, which allows the blinds to open and close without any real-time intervention on your part. You can also take your comfort to another level by syncing your blinds with a range of smart devices like the thermostat, coffee machines, radios, and many more. Take the stress out of your waking up routine and spend a few extra minutes in bed, enjoying the convenience that automatically come with smart blinds.

Living Room: Living rooms are undoubtedly more hectic. A high traffic area within the house, this is where you make memories. As everyone gathers around the TV, the last thing you need is to have curious onlookers look into the room. Privacy is of utmost importance. Positioning your blind at a level that would allow you adequate privacy, while keeping the room well-lit will become a priority. For optimum privacy, you can opt for Top-Down-Bottom-Up cellular blinds. You can keep the top and bottom of the blinds open, while middle part of the window remains covered. So, even if your living room opens to a busy road, you will still find your room shrouded in privacy.

There is another factor that you need to consider for your living room – light control. If you have invited your friends over to watch your favorite team play, you don’t really want the sun to glare down on TV screen and spoil the fun. For cutting off the glare, opt for solar blinds, while blackout blinds are best for cutting off the light.

These solutions would achieve greater effectiveness with the help of smart technology. You can keep save energy and keep your privacy intact with a touch of a button. Even when you are not at home, a press of a button would ensure that blinds would come down as the sun goes down and the lights come on. When you feel like using the computer or TV, just ask your home assistant to close the blind to reduce glare, and your blinds would come down without you having to leave the sofa. You can also sync your blinds with the smart lights and smart TV to act together. The possibilities become more varied with the addition of smart technology.

Benefits of Having Smart Blinds

The benefits of having smart blinds are not just limited to convenience. Smart blind technology also adds some practical elements to the household functionalities.

Home Security: Home security gets an additional boost with smart blinds. Even when you are not at home, you can control your smart blinds through your home assistant system. If you sync your blinds with the lights, you can have them come down as the lights come on. All of this would create the impression that the home is occupied.

Home Insulation: When your smart blinds are synced with the clock or thermostat, you can actually preschedule them to operate in a way that would optimise the energy usage of the household. Keeping the blinds closed when the temperature rises outside in summer, and opening them when the room becomes too hot, is a good way of saving energy. As you will control multiple blinds at one go, you will achieve energy efficiency for the entire house at one go.

Saving time, as well as energy cost, will have a big impact on your life-style. The time you save can go into spending more quality time with family and friends or on a fulfilling hobby, while the reduced energy usage would allow you to lead a more environment friendly lifestyle.

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