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Thick Curtain Rods – When Should You Use Them?

Thick Curtain Rods When Should You Use Them

Curtains are an elegant way to bring perfection inside your home both aesthetically and functionally. Their endless choice of colors and designs create a mesmerizing look for your windows, adding a special dimension to your interior. From blocking sunlight to offering protection, these window designs can do a wonder for your entire home décor. There’s a lot of factors to consider when it comes to purchasing these window curtains, from measuring the windows correctly, to selecting a curtain color, fabric, brackets and then lastly how to hang them. But one thing that people often overlook or ignore is the importance of selecting the right curtain rods. These rods are considered to be the backbone of your curtain. In addition to providing support, the right combination of rod and curtain can elevate the look and feel of your space.

Curtain rods are categorized into two types – Thick Curtain Rods and Thin Curtain Rods. There are lots of questions that arise when it comes to picking the right curtain rod – what should be the standard size of the rod? What color should you choose? And many more. But before all these things, you need to consider whether you should go for thick or thin curtain rods as they determine a lot of the style of your decor. That said, thick curtain rods are more common and almost always suggested no matter what type of drape you are planning to hang because of their sturdiness and durability. They will enrich the value of your windows in a dramatic way.
Curtain Rods
In this article, we will give you a brief on thick curtain rods and when should you use them. This will make you easier to pick the right curtain rod without any hassle.

What are Thick Curtain Rods?

Curtain rods are designed to give the main support for your drapes and as the central focus of the hardware. And thicker curtain rods give the windows a dramatic visual effect especially when hanging with grommet curtains or pinch pleat curtains. There are multiple rods available but double curtain rods, concealed curtain rods, and traverse curation rods are the best when it comes to thickness.
Choosing the right material for your curtain rod is essential. Besides giving support to the drape, they add a finishing look to the windows, creating a subtle design element. They are available in different color options and you can customize it matching with your curtain color. Thicker curtain rods are made of high-quality metal, brass, bronze, and steel material which tends to be heavy and sturdy to hold maximum weight.
Thick curtain rod comes in different standard sizes –
• 28-48 inches
• 48-84 inches
• 66-120 inches
• 120-170 inches
And depending on your requirements, you can choose any of them.
Thick Curtain Rods

Upgrade Windows with Thick Curtain Rods

Thick curtains rods have been the go-to product in the window treatment industry for decades. They are inexpensive, easy to hang, support the drapes, and work amazingly on the windows. Below are the signs when you need to use these thick curtain rods –

• If you find that the curtain carriers keep snapping and breaking often, then the curtain weight is too heavy and you need to consider thick curtain rods. These rods are solid, made of quality materials, and last for long providing superior carrying capacity. They prevent breaking of carriers, let your curtain to open and close smoothly and effortlessly.
• If you find difficulties opening and closing your curtains using rods, then the curtain fabric most likely exceeds the weight that the pulley is designed for and it’s time to change the rod with a thicker one.
• If you have larger or specialty shaped windows, then thick curtain rods are preferred for good aesthetics and heavy curtain support.
• If you are looking to give windows a bold and strong look, then thick curtain rods are an excellent idea to go for.
• Thicker curtain rods are safe and secured to use especially for the home with kids and pets as they don’t fall easily even after pulling the drapes hard.
Choosing the right thick curtain rods offer firm support to your curtains and improves the overall appearance of your room. Measuring and installing these rods is extremely easy. Opting for an extended thick rod will make your windows look larger and brighten up your space beautifully. To learn more about these rods, feel free to consult with a designer!

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