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Thoughts on Window Treatments for a Canadian Home

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Thoughts on Window Treatments for a Canadian Home

Canada is blessed with four seasons, summer, spring, fall and winter.
Canadian winters are famous for being frigid, making it advisable to remain indoors right through winter with its sub-zero temperatures, storms, high-velocity winds, icy rain and snow accumulation.
Summers are pleasant across most of Canada except cities like Windsor and Kelowna where peak summer temperatures hover around the mid 30’s. During spring and fall, Canada is the envy of the world for the beauty that nature lays out to be enjoyed.
Unlike many other places, the task before home owners is more complicated when they think of window treatments because they need to think of year-round comfort and factor in other realities also:
• Incidences of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus (WNV).
• Suicides, where isolation is a factor is also on the rise.
• Progressive deterioration of air quality in cities.




Windows keep us connected with the world and play a significant role in our lives, helping us to shut out the bad while allow the good. Before buying it is useful to keep in mind the ideal window treatments in Canada:




• Window treatments need to be beautiful because living in a beautiful home gives pride and contributes towards maintaining psychological balance.
• Window treatments should help us get the right amount of light, darkness and air.
• Window treatments need to be well measured and fitted because perfect fits contribute towards aesthetics, easy operation and efficiency in terms of energy and protection from hazards.
• Window treatments need to contribute towards the unique needs of every inhabitant and location. If an occupant needs total blackout, the window treatment should provide it. If an area like the kitchen or the bathroom generates moisture and grime, the window treatment should be able to handle it. If a window location is susceptible to excessive direct sunlight, or wind, rain, and snow, an appropriate window treatment can provide protection.

Achieving beauty through window treatments. Browse this website. Each product has color blocks that show the colors that it is available in. The colors, shades and tints offer a wide range to satisfy even the most discriminating eye. These color block, when clicked, provides a summary of vital information at a glance, with the offer to provide a free sample to ensure that you get what you see. Information includes:
• Fabric Name
• FR rating
• Openness
• UV blockage
• Composition
• Certification
• Usable width.




Enhancing beauty through color has never been easier.

Perfect fitting plays a very vital role in successful window treatment. Websites highlight the importance of exact measurements and the travails of getting it wrong. They inform, educate and aid in the process of measuring. Even feature packed window treatments cannot deliver on quality if the fitting is imperfect. In fact, aspects like thermal efficiency, light control and UV protection can be achieved only through a perfectly fitted window treatment.

The entire exercise of installing a window treatment will fall flat if the unique individual and locational needs are not given the importance that it deserves. When dealing with this aspect the homeowner will need to wrestle with the wide range available within each window treatment type – curtain or drape, blind or shade, interior or exterior, wood or faux wood, natural or synthetic. If an inhabitant works the night shift or if the family has a home theatre blackout becomes mandatory. For asthma or breathing problems, an eco-friendly material with GreenGuard or Oeko-Tex certification will be the best choice. If mosquitos are present, a SunUp SunDown or mesh roller shades like the SheerWeave shades will be effective. Good light and an ambience of openness will help people susceptible to a sense of isolation.




The realities of Canada include:

• Extreme weather conditions except for the luckily located in homes in Southwestern British Columbia with balmy weather, mild winter and fewer frosty nights as also the Maritime provinces like Windsor, St. Catherine and Toronto.
• Insect prone locations with mild climatic conditions that are just right for the breeding of mosquitoes.
• Cities with poor air quality due to airborne pollutants resulting from forest fires, industrial activity, crowding and high vehicular traffic.
Buyers will realize that technology is playing a decisive role in material, control mechanisms, and pricing of products. Using technology vendors can manufacture and offer products made of material targeted to protect users from specific climatic and environmental hazards. There is a window treatment product for every Canadian requirement. Don’t be surprised or consider yourself lucky if you find your right product being sold at a discount – online vendors have the maneuverability to give you excellent products at very attractive prices because their overhead costs are reduced when they sell over the internet.
Window treatment is an investment and achieving a good return on the investment in terms of comfort, life, maintenance and real financial savings through lower utility costs should be the motive of every homeowner. The right product is out there for you. Do a bit of homework and you’ll find it. Canada is one of the best places to live in. The right window treatment will help you enjoy it to the fullest.




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