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Three Types Of Blinds Perfect For Your Short Windows

Three Types Of Blinds Perfect For Your Short Windows

Recently I bought a city apartment and instantly involved myself in setting things right. The living room had a large bay window, i.e. one large window flanked by two slim windows, formed at an obtuse angle. The bedrooms, however, had interesting windows: slim rectangular and square windows in small shapes and designs. This presented a dilemma to me: how do I style them in a way that the room doesn’t feel more compact and claustrophobic than it already was? This is a quandary faced by many homeowners with small windows. They need to work up a window covering solution that can protect the home without compromising on the design element. In this section, I will share a few experiences that will help you make a choice between the many different window treatments and their many advantages in catering to rooms with smaller window spaces. Although you may feel they are easy to install since they don’t take enough space, there might be some problems that you might encounter. Read on to find out.

Advantages of Smaller Windows

Despite large and wide windows being in vogue in modern windows, with the sudden resurgence of patio doors that accommodate sliding glass doors, smaller windows are known to have their own benefits. A few of these benefits are mentioned below.

1. Make Modern Homes Stand Out: A petite window shape, be in square, rectangular, oval or pentagon design, can highlight the space, making it all the more charming and alluring. From outside, this can make a tremendous impact, thus enhancing the curb appeal of your house.

2. More Privacy: With large windows, you can experiment a lot with different window treatments in varied designs. This can create a great impression in the living room when you have guests over for dinner. However, that can also compromise on the safety of the house. You might not face this issue in smaller windows, which can be installed in areas that require enhanced privacy, such as the bedroom and the bathroom.

3. Better Outdoor View: This was one major advantage in my bedroom on the first floor. My small window overlooked the orchard and a slew of beautiful trees, even as I tended to my work assignments all day without worrying about being spotted.

4. Easier To Manage and Maintain: When you have a window by your bedside and you wish to enjoy a fruitful sleep, you don’t need to get up and make much of an effort in shutting them. A simple pull of the curtains should work well, or a mere touch of the blinds. Blinds on smaller windows, since they take less space, can be easier to maintain, and also leave more empty space on the walls to showcase your art or to build an extra shelf.

Blinds Suitable For Short Windows

Styling your smaller windows can be a tricky exercise, as the purpose for having them can be many. Some allow a small window space in their room to not be disturbed by storms, especially heavy rainfall, in areas that experience such weather all year. Others place their privacy above all. All said and done, these windows are best suited for personal and private spaces such as the bedroom and study. Accordingly, you need to have the right blinds that can help you achieve your goals of optimum light control and privacy. So here are a few blinds you can go for your narrow window spaces.

Roller Shades

What makes roller blinds such effective and popular choices in households across the country? Their popularity spans across countries, and they have been in vogue for decades now. The reasons are aplenty. For one, roller shades, or solar shades as they are popularly called, are ideal window coverings in dry and humid climates, especially in tropical countries where temperatures can soar easily, and hover above 40 degrees celsius. Being made from a special UV-resistant fabric, these shades protect you from the glare as well as from the harmful radiations of the sun that cause various skin-related defects. As they are minimal in design and function, taking up minimal space whether they are open or closed all the way, they can be easily managed on smaller windows, keeping your indoors bathed in natural light while requiring just a sponge or a piece of cloth dipped in detergent water for regular cleaning.
Solar Shades for Small Window


Shutters are classic window coverings that boast of a wonderful design, being as functional in contemporary rooms with modern decor elements as they’d be in a traditional setup with a Bohemian theme. They can be built for several materials, including glass, PVC, plastic, and wood. Composite wood shutters with a thick coating of PVC over regular wood can be common for the kitchen and the bathroom, as well as for exterior shutters to prevent the house from windy weathers and monsoons. Being less expensive than wood blinds, while lending the same inimitable charm of the latter, faux wood blinds can be pretty good fits for smaller windows. Wood blinds, on the other hand, are long-lasting window treatments that provide a sturdy solution to your insulation needs. You can do your bit for the environment by having wood shutters as they are made from natural materials. Graber shutters, especially, are made from pure North American wood and employ the use of toxic-free chemicals to keep your indoors comfortable. The charming design, filled with stains in various color schemes and slat sizes, can allow you to customize your windows the way you wish, and which can fit into your design space without trouble.

Aluminum Mini Blinds

They are thus called because of the width of the slats they so employ in their design. The narrowness of their slats would go along well on a slim and small window, adding a fabulous little space where you can adjust your window treatments in different angles at different times of the day for optimum comfort. Thanks to their modern and sleek look, they add a unique style statement that will be noticeable for anyone who visits the house. Being one of the most affordable window treatments, they can be easy on your pocket and yet add a luxurious vibe to the room. A major highlight of these window treatments is that they leave no gaps or crevices in the window space through which light can enter. So when they are shut, they create a complete blackout effect in the room, letting you sleep and work in peace. This quality also makes them excellent sound absorbers and enablers of privacy. Being made from the strong and sturdy material of aluminum, they are long-lasting window shades that will keep your home cool during summers and warm during winters. Because of these multiple qualities, they can be used in bedrooms, media rooms, offices as well as kitchens.
Aluminum Blinds for Short Windows
Final note: Having a small window can provide more privacy than a larger one, besides being easily manageable and convenient to maintain. Roller shades, shutters and mini blinds are the perfect window shades to go on such spaces, owing to their light filtering, insulation and aesthetic properties.

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