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Three Types of Window Valances That Can Be Hung Without a Blind

Three Type Of Window Valanaces That Can Be Hung Without a Blind

We all want the best window treatments for our windows, and for this reason, there are multiple blinds in the market with their own unique properties to cater to our unique demands. There are curtains in different opacity levels and patterns, shutters with different sized slats to complement our inner decor, and Roman blinds in different styles to appeal to us. However, this begs a relatable question: Are blinds enough to cover your windows?

Even after installing the best window treatment, you find something amiss in the room and you realize after much deliberation that it is drama that is missing. Every room needs a certain amount of drama for the flair and to pull the room together. A blind or shade may not always provide that finished look. Also, window treatments come with additional hardware, such as rods, finials and headrails that do not paint a pretty picture. They may act as a not-so-charming addition to our window spaces. Thus we need an additional window treatment that will just not provide a fabulous finishing touch to the windows but will also hide the hardware. These come in the form of cornices and valances. In this section, we identify the different types of valances, and also discuss whether they can be used as a standalone window treatment without blinds and shades.

Why Valances Can Be Enough On Their Own?

Valances come in different designs and fabrics that usually hang loose at the sides. Where window treatments fail, valances can cover up the gaps in window spaces and block light and heat to control the temperature in the room and give you more privacy and security. Surely there are many ways to style a window other than a window blind, but none might be as stylish a covering as a window valance.

Although valances can take several styles and shapes, there are a few that can, on their own, serve as a protective and fabulous window covering. Here are a few of them:

1. Swag Valances:

They span across the length of the window and are designed to lend your room a wonderful formal look. You can identify them with their intricately designed pleats and folds. These valances can be added over a curtain rod and designed in a fabric matching that of the curtain. However, their carefully hemmed fabric can make them work beautifully well on their own on smaller windows overlooking a beautiful outdoor view. You can get one swag valance made in a design that matches your bedding set or wall color, spread them over the across of the window, and watch how your room comes alive.
Swag Valance

2. Scalloped Valances:

Such valances can be fastened via a rigid board or a rod pocket to display a series of semicircular details at the bottom. Their look is slightly gathered at the bottom, which is then topped off with beads, tassels or small fringes to give a flamboyant look to the room. Get them in insulation fabrics that can protect the interiors and bring down your energy bills. These can be put up to give a contemporary and casual vibe to the room.
Scalloped Valances

3. Scarf Valances:

These valances are decorated and put up for display above the window just as you would tie a scarf over your neck, with the “tails” hanging parallel to one another by the sides. They resemble a long rectangular shape, but what separates them from the other valances is their fabric, which is made from a sheer and lightweight material. To keep your windows protected and make them work without the need of another window shade, you can purchase an extra-long scarf valance and drape it over a curtain rod installed above the window. While the tails would give them a solid and symmetrical appearance, you will also get plenty of natural light in the room during mild seasons.
Scarf Valances
If your window overlooks a beautiful scenery or view, these windows with valances provide the perfect frame to the picture and bring it indoors.

A Few Alternatives to Window Valances

Granted that there might not be another window treatment (other than the regular blinds and intricately designed curtains) that might be as flamboyant as valances, there are still some budget-friendly options that may achieve the purpose of protecting your home. Frosted glass is one of the most cost-effective ways to secure your windows if you can carry out the DIY procedure of preparing one. That involves sandblasting, etching and spray painting.

Other than this, you can purchase a window film at the lowest possible price and seal off the edges to avoid being affected by the extreme glare and radiation that may affect your work and disrupt your comfort during a scorching summer afternoon. Weather-stripping and window caulking work equally well, though you need to ensure that you have the required tools necessary to find your way through the crevices. These options, though, must be complemented with a personalized window treatment, of which your roller and solar shades, Roman blinds, aluminum shades and wood shutters are the most common kind.

Valances are the perfect add-ons to your window curtains and shades, whose primary purpose is to hide the hardware and lend your window spaces a refined presence. However, there are a few valances such as swag valances, scarf valances and scalloped valances that can beautify the look of the room by themselves, without being complemented by another window treatment. They lend a gorgeous, regal yet contemporary feel to the rooms and can pull the room together effortlessly. They will not make you feel the absence of formal window treatment.

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