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The time for Roller Shades has arrived

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Roller shades ready to roll.

Ever considered what a room needs to provide you through the day, a season, and the entire cycle of seasons that comprises your year? Maybe a worthwhile exercise that will help you take decisions concerning the interiors of rooms and also help you know what you actually need.

It is a very complex field of research but can be broken down according to a few parameters. Physical comfort, mental sense of well being, pleasing to the senses and catering to the needs of all l living beings spend time in the room and have regular requirements. Living beings, meaning, humans and pets.

Physical comfort is influenced by the season, the temperature, the furniture and the lighting. Temperature is dependent on the weather, gadgets and the insulation facilities built into the room design. Lighting comes from the lamp fixtures and the window treatment.

The choice of window treatment plays a vital role in providing the environment and ambiance that will contribute towards helping you to be calm, happy, house-proud and efficient as you go about your day to day functioning. Getting it right also plays a significant role in enhancing the value of the property.

A splendid window treatment option for the home is the roller shade. Roller shades are extremely stylish and uncomplicated and provide protection from glare and harmful ultraviolet rays while offering an unhindered view when required. A wide variety of material can be used to make roller shades. If the requirement is for an airy, translucent ambiance, a roller shade made of sheer fabric will fit the bill. For getting a soft outline of the outdoor scenery, material that filters light without blanking it can be chosen. Sometimes if the need is for a darkened room, material with darkening properties can be selected. If the need is for a complete blackout to provide privacy, black out shades are available. For window locations that allow direct sunlight into the room, protection of floor and furniture from the detrimental effects of direct exposure will be the intent. Here too, an awareness of the protective properties of various materials will help in choosing the right roller blinds.





The simplicity of the roller shade makes it an attractive option. It is easy to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain both in terms of cleaning and operational maintenance. Right through history the principle of scrolling has been widely used because of the convenience that it offers. These blinds use the scroll method to screen and open. Roller blinds are made up of a panel of fabric, natural or plastic, stiffened for convenient manipulation. This fabric panel is rolled onto a rod that is inserted into a tube. When fully rolled-up, it is just a tube. When unfurled to reveal itself in all its glory, a roller blind transforms into a statement of customization and reflects the style quotient of the selector.

The operation of the roller shade is commonly controlled through a ratchet and spring combination housed inside the tube. The most interesting aspect of the mechanism is the ability of the ratchet is to lock the shades at any position of unfurl. The spring adjusts the tension and ensures proper alignment and tension to the entire arrangement. Pull tabs at the bottom provide for painless manipulation without touching and soiling the fabric.

Thankfully, we have organizations that have set standards and devised certification criteria on which average consumers can depend upon to choose products. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a testing and certification system for textile products in all stages of processing, right from fibers, yarns and fabrics to ready-for-the-market products. This includes accessories like window treatment products. The certification guarantees environmentally friendly products that are free of harmful substances and production in environmentally friendly environments. Choosing a product with the Oeko-Tex certification means that a safe product adorns the home.

Adornment is what we strive to achieve in our window treatment projects. The very nature of roller blinds has allowed suppliers to provide a wide variety of choices relating to material, texture, properties and color – factors that contribute towards its elegance and protection.

Because roller shades are most commonly configured with the fabric rolling at the back end of the roller, close to the window it allows for greater efficiency and control over light filtering and thermal insulation. When the sun is an important factor in the choice, roller solar shades should be given serious consideration. Outdoor solar rolling shades are the ideal summer solution for protection from the scorching sun in areas like patios, balconies, and even large exposed windows. The advantage of these outdoor window shades is that they work on the outside and work as the first level of defense from the summer sun and winter cold. When the weather is mild and comfortable, they can be scrolled as required.

Simplicity, elegance, and effectiveness are the characteristics of roller shades. The simplicity factor makes them an economical choice without any compromise in terms of interior decor schemes. The cheer of spring has loosened the discount-strings of suppliers. Zebra blinds have a fantastic range at attractive prices. Check it out. Seriously.

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