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Tinkering With Skylights to Create an Amazing Décor

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Star Gazing Through Skylight in the Attic.


“Normal people… believe that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Engineers believe that if it ain’t broke, it doesn’t have enough features yet.”
Scott Adams.
Well, I am the ‘Normal people’ and my husband Grant is the ‘Engineer’. If I have learned something from my relationship with him for past 6 years, it is that he just loves to create wacky and out of the world things not only when he is working, but also at home. Initially, I found his innovative ideas crazy and funny, but later I found them quite useful in our everyday life.
Once, when we were on vacation in Panama City Beach, he created a beautiful decorative piece out of the things he found that had swept over to the beach. He used some glue, paper, and plaster to make an unusual piece of art, our initials made of crushed glass, an indelible memory our vacation. Another time, I handed him a can of beer, and he made a beautiful deer from the tin and gave it back to me. Apart from this, he has created amazing utilities in our bathroom, kitchen, and garden that amazes all visitors to our home.
His latest project was the attic of our house, which was disregarded by the previous owners and had remained untouched so far. As I had some work to catch up on this weekend, and Grant had nothing much to do, he decided to start renovating the attic. As this would not interfere with anything I was doing at home, I had no problem with his project. From the corner of my eye, I could see him going up and down the stairs every now then. He announced that he was going to change our attic into a star gazing platform so that we could enjoy the clear skies at night. Though I know Grant is creative and an expert in many things he does, this sounded quite funny to me. There was no way I was going to spend time in the tiny, dingy room watching stars. But I had work to complete, and also it was not fair to be a wet blanket to Grant’s ideas; he was now looking like a child with a new toy to play with. I faked enthusiasm and watched him run towards the tool shed with delight.
By evening, curious to see what was happening in our attic, I went up there. Now that Grant had removed all the rubbish, the place appeared quite spacious. Also, the huge skylight that had been cleaned stood out with incredible grandeur now. I never knew that this place had such a remarkable décor of its own. If the place had such a makeover within a day, I couldn’t imagine how it would look when Grant was done with it.
Dear Hubby continued to work on the project for some more time, and I let him be because he loved to work alone and that was quite convenient for me. Well, last Saturday when I walked back home, he was at the door waiting for me with a big smile. I threw a questioning look at him. He gave me a big hug and whispered ‘Happy anniversary darling’. Drowned in my new project, I had completely forgotten our anniversary. I hugged him back and apologized for being too busy to remember such an important day. I knew if it were other way around, I would have thrown a temper tantrum, but then Grant was different. ‘We are having candlelight dinner in a very special place today’, he announced, and I could see that he was the child with a new toy once again. Excited, I showered and dressed up elegantly in a dress that made me look like a seductress. As I started to walk towards our front door, Grant slowly took my arm and led me towards our attic. What surprise has this man created for me now? I braced for the surprise as he opened the door, but I almost screamed in delight at the sight of a beautiful room gleaming in the dim welcoming blue light. How did I miss so much of work going on in my own house? Grant had created a wooden platform adjoining the window and had set up a telescope there for us to check out the night sky. The huge skylight had been modified and now opened up to the starlit sky giving the attic an open roof appearance. In the center was a table with candles and dinner spread for two, with a vintage bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice. “Do you remember the discarded bucket we had found in the mountains when we went hiking last year? Well, I tinkered with it to create this beautiful decorative piece”, announced Grant proudly. I told him that I loved this place and sure would love to spend time here even during the day.



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‘Will the sun hit the room hard during day?’ I asked Grant, and he pulled out a telescopic pole and closed the Graber Crystal Pleat SkyTrack Skylight Cellular Shades which he mentioned was ideal for skylights, protecting furnishings from the intensity of the sunlight, reducing heat gain and loss. The window treatment was easily operated with a handle mounted to a moving rail, or with an optional telescoping skypole.
Made of spun lace or point-bond weaves, the light filtering, translucent fabric used for the construction of these light filtering Skylight cellular shades is of premium quality and are available in a spectrum of trendy colors, of which Grant has installed the Hydrangea to blend with the décor he had created. The beauty was enhanced with all the components of these shades being color coordinated as well. Grant told me to watch them during the day since the colors of the shades appeared different at varying light intensities, and also when the shade is raised or lowered. These shades are perfect for skylights that need to be left covered while allowing the light to filter through, soft and diffused, cutting down the sun’s glare and creating a comfortable balance of light and warmth. The SkyTrack rails of these shades prevent any gap occurring between the window and shade, optimizing privacy as well. We decided we would open them during dinner to gaze at the stars overhead.
Grant told me that this would be a special place or retreat to share some ‘together’ time. I was quite proud of Grant, and also of myself for choosing him as my husband, because the man who could make good use of wasted products would sure make something great out of a person like me! I am grateful to my loving husband for making this world a much better place for or us to enjoy our life together. Like Marcel Proust said, “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”






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