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Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Patio Blinds

Tips For Choosing The Right Outdoor Patio Blinds

Importance of a Patio

If you have a small outdoor space adjoined to your house, you are truly fortunate. These spaces are where you can find release from confinement within the four walls of the house. You can add a seating arrangement where you can relax by yourself or bond with friends and family during the weekends. During the summer days, you can barbeque here and enjoy a meal under the clear blue skies. If you have a patio overlooking a small pool or a small garden then you can enjoy a lovely view while chilling with a beer. Small garden with blooming flowers invading the senses with their fragrance and beauty is always a delight.

Climate Change Affects Patio Experience

While patios are great to have and allows you to enjoy fresh air, it is not always the case. As the seasons change so does the climatic conditions. During the summer months, the sun beats down mercilessly causing the temperature to rise steadily. If you live in a region that experiences a humid climate, then this heat can be especially uncomfortable. Sitting outside for a longer time becomes impossible. It is hot, sultry and stuffy and no matter how beautiful the sight outside, you are only too happy to rush back into the house.

During winter, the temperature falls and it gets colder and colder. The sharp biting winds become too harsh and soon it gets difficult to stay out. If your space experiences snowfall then soon the patio is also covered with snow which means that you have to wait till spring to be able to enjoy outdoor time. The rainy season is no better. The moment the showers come, you have to cancel all your plans.

The ever-changing weather and climatic conditions make it difficult to spend quality time outside. The few good pleasant days you get in between are the only days you can enjoy outside. To enable you to enjoy more time outside and protect your patio from the onslaughts of weather you can cover the space using outdoor patio blinds. These blinds are mounted around your patio to help create that special nook that you can use and enjoy at times, irrespective of the weather outside.
Window Treatments for Patio Door

Tips for Choosing the Right Shade for your Patios

There are a number of outdoor blinds that you can choose for your porch. However, before your order your pair of shades, let us go through the guidelines. There are few tips to keep in mind for your outdoor patio blinds.


The most important consideration is the material of the blind. Remember that unlike indoor blinds, these blinds will be installed outside and will be exposed to various elements of nature like heat, extreme cold and even torrential rainfall. They will be subject to acute wear and tear and harsh treatment. The material you choose must be able to survive these onslaughts. PVC is considered the best material for outside blinds. These are made of high-end plastics that are highly durable and even after exposure to extreme climatic conditions they can survive in good condition and offer a great ambiance. You can choose from a range of colors to suit your preferences.

Type of Blinds/Shades

Once you have decided on the material it is time to choose the blind type. There is a wide variety of blinds to choose from like cellular shades, roller shades, etc. if you want great insulation for your outdoor space you can opt for cellular shades as they are the most energy-efficient window coverings. PVC roller shades make a great choice with their sleek and minimalist design. If you want to block out sunlight from your patio you can choose blackout roller shades.
Solar Shades for Patio
Operating System

Once you have decided the material and the type of blind you want for your patio you must decide the operating system. There are the classic corded blinds that use cords to pull the shades up and down. Covering your patio will require several blinds and operating them manually could prove to be an arduous task. Cordless blinds are good but once again they demand physical intervention. Motorized blinds are the best. You can open and close the shades with a remote. You can even program them to close and open at specific times during the day. You can go a notch higher with smart motorized shades and blinds which can be operated from your smartphones and even through voice-enabled home assistants.


This is a major consideration when you are looking to cover your patio with blinds and shades. Even a small-sized patio will require a decent number of blinds to cover it completely and if you have a larger one than the number will go up significantly. This can cost a lot of money. Do your research; draw up your budget before you set out to dress your patio.

The right patio blinds and shades can enhance the look and feel and ambiance of your patios and transform your outdoor experience. Apart from offering a shield against extreme weather conditions they also help to add a layer of security. It is important to choose well and wisely because you won’t be changing your patio blinds in a hurry.

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