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Top 10 Myths of Custom Window Coverings

Window Covering Myths

Avoid Window Covering Myths and Buy Modern Window Treatments

Modern Window treatments can enhance the look of your entire decor and give your space a polished look by diffusing natural light, providing privacy, and balancing the temperature with outside. Buying custom window coverings can be a difficult task for many homeowners. And sometimes, there can be a lot of window covering myths that can complicate the process of choosing window coverings and make it even more difficult for homeowners to get the function and look that they want when they’re searching for the perfect blinds and shades.


Know the Common Window Covering Myths that is Preventing You from Buying

It’s quite obvious that before you purchase any window coverings, so many questions and window covering myths can come to your mind. If you are ready to purchase the perfect window coverings that best fit your home, but there are a few common windows covering myths or concerns that are holding you back.

Check out the below facts of the most common window covering myths. Still, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service executives.

#1: It is Difficult to Measure or Install by Yourself


Window Treatments Installation

Anyone can measure and install their window coverings on their own. All you need is a measuring tape and some basic tools. To get the exact measurement, we provide measuring instructions for every window covering we offer. We also offer instructions for installing blinds and shades both inside and outside of windows, depending on your preference and the size of your window frames.

Visit our ‘how to install’ and ‘how to measure’ DIY videos for more information.


#2: Unable to Find the Windows that Match Your Home Decor

At ZebraBlinds, you will get a huge collection of window blinds and shades with various colors, patterns, and textures that are designed to match almost any home’s decor style. Their eye-catching look will enhance your home’s overall beauty and elegance.


Window Treatments


#3: Window Coverings Block Out Too Much Light and Make Rooms Too Dark


Blackout Window Shades


While designing your media room or bedroom, your major concern will be privacy and darkness. So choose those window coverings that will eliminate the excess light coming through your windows. On the other hand, there are also various types of window shades that are designed to maintain natural light while cutting down on glare and harmful UV rays.

Blackout window shades are the perfect choice to block out excess light and make your room dark.

#4: Window Coverings are Expensive


The cost of the window coverings depends on various factors – types of window treatments, number, and size of the windows, functionality etc. If you want to decorate your windows at the lowest price then we have great options for you. At ZebraBlinds, you will get great discounts on window coverings that can fit your budget and homeowners can install them in every room without breaking the bank.

#5: Window Cords are Dangerous for Kids and Pets


Dangling cords of corded window coverings can create a hazard for the home with kids and pets. But you can also use cord cleats to wrap up excess lengths of cord to reduce any accident. Otherwise, go for any cordless and motorized feature that is available with almost any every modern window treatments. And those window coverings can be operated with the single touch of a remote control button or using your smartphone.

Child Safety Window Treatments


#6: Window Coverings are Difficult to Clean and Maintain

Easy to Clean Window Treatments


Window cleaning depends on the area and environment where you are leaving. You may need to clean your window shades and blinds on a semi-regular basis or regular basis. Just use a duster or vacuum cleaner to clean your window shades. Or a mixture of water and mild detergent will remove all the dirt and stains. Maintaining modern window treatments is easy with proper operation, and most of the problems can be fixed by resetting their lift mechanisms by following the basic and easy step by step instructions.


#7: Modern Window Treatments Will Obstruct the Outside View


If you have a sunroom or sliding glass door in your home, you want to enjoy the natural view of outside. But because of outsiders, you require privacy as well. With our modern window shades and blinds, you can enjoy the natural light without obstructing the view. Top down/bottom up window shades are the perfect for your homes as they can be adjusted from the top and bottom for the ultimate light and privacy control during the day and night. Sheer shades are another great option for your windows.

Modern Window Treatments


#8: Window Treatments Only Come In Preset Sizes


No matter what size your windows are, our custom made window coverings will fit any size of windows. Connect multiple window shades and blinds for a single uniform appearance if your windows are larger than our offered sizes.

#9: Window Shades are Complicated to Operate


Many homeowners think that window shades and blinds can be difficult to operate. But there are a number of motorized and cordless shades that are much easier to operate. They can be raised and lowered with one simple touch.

Easy to Operate Window Coverings


#10: Window Blinds Break Easier then Standard Window Coverings


Some of the window blinds have the potential to break easily, but other blinds such as wood and faux wood are much more durable and less likely to break.

Bust the Custom Window Covering Myths Now

If you are looking for those absolutely gorgeous modern window treatments that you love and can afford, ZebraBlinds is the place to get them. To help you out, we have dispelled the most common window covering myths that are circulating around.

If you have any questions related to our products, we would love to hear from you. Contact us or leave a comment for us. Our design experts will help you with your all questions.

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