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Top 3 Fire-Retardant Blinds of 2019

Top 3 Fire Retardant Blinds

Keep Your Home Safe with Fire-proof Window Coverings

The fire has the power to destroy all your valuable belongings and can ruin your life completely. Every homeowner wants to keep their home safe from this hazard, as having a fire in your home is frightening and everyone’s worst nightmare. Getting a permanent solution can make your life easier and tension-free.

‘Fireproof’ – Protecting your home with fireproof materials can do wonders for your interiors. The saddest truth is that fire can happen any time and anywhere. So, you must be ready for all the scenarios before it affects your home.

According to the Fire Administration, in 2007 fire damaged more than $11 billion worth of property across the nation. 91% of people agree that taking precautions is important but few of them have taken steps to do.

Ways to Make Your Home Fire-proof

There are various things you can do to make home fireproof which include – fire-resistant concrete or wall materials, fire alarms, and much more. But what about the windows and doors? They are the main way of allowing natural light and fresh air to the home and are also the main ways in which fire travels throughout the home. According to the interior specialists, when the windows are in direct contact with flames or heat, the window glass can break. And a broken window easily allows the fire to spread throughout the home. Install dual-paned glass windows which are highly energy-efficient and more durable. These window glasses are four times stronger than the normal window glass.

To protect the home from the harshness of sunlight and other unwanted elements, people cover them with window treatments which include shades, blinds, draperies, and other window designs.

But standard window shades won’t work properly in this case. Always think out of the box. Go for some fire-retardant window blinds that can stand against flame or extreme heat. This type of window solutions can smoothly handle the fire without suffering any damage. Now the question is what are the best fire-retardant window blinds? If you are searching for the right solutions, then this article might help you. Otherwise, you can consult with the professionals. They will guide you to get a safe and protected home!

Top Fire-Resistant Window Blinds Designed for Your Home

There are several window dressings available in the market of window fashion which is fire-retardant and tested by the experts for your safety. The fabric used for these shades has been treated with a chemical flame retardant. While selecting any shade, make sure to include the fire-resistant material at the time of customization.

Flame-retardant window blinds produced by top manufacturing brands are suitable for every window and can be installed in any room. Consider mounting them on kitchen windows or anywhere where you regularly light candles. Even in commercial spaces or workspaces, these window blinds are the most demanded choice.

  • Custom Roller Shades

If you are looking for a good quality, reasonably priced and fire-proof window shading, then these roll-up shades are a great choice. They are uniquely designed and consist of an extra layer of protection and can be installed in the kitchen, lounge, and other areas where the fire risk is more. Apart from the fire-retardant property, the shades are excellent in providing privacy and light control. By adjusting the indoor atmosphere, the shades create a comfortable ambiance and reduce the home’s utility bills.

Fabric Roller Shades

Most roller shades are made of woven polyester material but some use the mix of cellulose, polyester, and polypropylene. But don’t forget to blend the fire-retardant substance with these window shadings. With a wide range of styles and hue choices, you can select your favorite design that will complement your décor. These window shades are perfect to meet your home or business requirements.

  • Vertical Window Blinds

If your workspace has large windows or patio doors, then go for fire-retardant vertical window blinds. Get maximum coverage by installing these blinds today that too at the cost-effective price. High-quality material increases the lifespan of the blinds.

Vertical Window Blinds

There are many people who use PVC materials for this window blind that are not fire retardant. Go for FR material to give the best for your commercial areas and keep employees and customers safe from the fire hassle. Lightweight these blinds are easy to install and operate which offer a variety of benefits to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

  • Aluminum Venetian Blinds

When it comes to getting the best flame-retardant window dressing, custom aluminum venetian blinds are the way to go which prevent the fire from spreading to the surrounding objects. These products are ideal for restaurants, schools, and other commercial areas where the chances of fire are more. The window solution comes in different slat sizes which are responsible for a brighter interior and long-lasting beauty.

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Besides functionality and versatility, they are incredibly stylish, affordable, dust, and stain-resistant. These blinds come with hassle-free installation and smooth operation. What more could you ask for? Get a refined look by customizing the blind properly.


Go for window solutions approved by NFPA 701, which ensures they are completely safe and secure. These are the top three designs suggested by professional window designers. Besides these window shades and blinds, explore the other solutions that can be made fire-resistant on special request.

Each of these window designs brings various benefits. If you are really interested to protect your home, start now and save interior. And we can assure you that these window solutions will work best for your home.

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