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Top 5 Basement Window Treatment Ideas for a Captivating Home

Basement Window Treatment Ideas

Top 5 Basement Window Treatment Ideas for a Captivating Home

A complete basement isn’t quite finished without window treatments, but unfortunately, that aspect of the design can be a real headache for many homeowners.

If you have a basement, you might be looking for a way to use Basement Window Treatments to make your windows look nicer. But it’s difficult to find a window treatment that brings in natural light. This part of your home desperately needs light while providing privacy. Basement windows often appear small and make the whole room look both unappealing and dingy and covering them becomes even a bigger challenge.

Basements are used as workshops, laundry rooms, or storage areas, but a good number are now being transformed into ‘man caves’, family rooms, or spare bedrooms.

Basement Window Treatment Ideas to Improve the Look of Your Basement Windows Significantly!

Before decorating your basement windows, you should keep some points in mind:

  • Your basement receives less natural light than any other room in the house. So you always need to make sure that your basement windows let in enough light to make your room more beautiful and attractive. Choose light colors and fabrics that will allow the light to come through.
  • Basement Window Coverings serve a simple purpose of making the space more beautiful inside.
  • Your basement windows should work toward the function you want your area to have. If you have larger windows for a basement apartment then decorate them with draperies or shades.
  • Create a light and relaxed atmosphere. Since basement windows are small, it is essential that treatments do not make the windows any smaller than they are. If you are planning to install window blinds, then position them above the window frame so that the sunlight can flow through the entire window.

Basement Window Blinds

Aluminum Blinds

You naturally want your windows to let in as much natural light as possible. This is sometimes a problem since basements windows rarely receive a lot of light. You can control the light and privacy by using the proper window blinds.

  • Choose faux wood blinds for window basement which look attractive and trendy. The blinds are moisture and steam resistant. These environment-friendly blinds look like real wood blinds and are durable enough to last over the long haul.
  • If you are looking for a good start to a beautiful day, select Aluminum Mini Blinds. These are economically priced and come with great features like superior privacy capabilities, great light and heat controlling abilities, a wide range of availability of color choices and design schemes, free shipping, easy installation and maintenance. Use aluminum mini blinds for your basement spare bedroom to block light for a good night’s sleep and to open up the room in the morning.

Basement Window Shades

Best Roller Shades

  • If you want to have the glory of natural light and give an enthralling look to your basement, then choose Roller Solar Shades from Crown and Graber. Solar shades combine the beauty of unique style and modern UV protection features with ease of flawless operation. These shades have blackout, room darkening, and blackout fabrics, with the option of cordless or motorized control.
  • Fabric Roman Shades look stunning in every window, especially in your basement windows. Whether used alone or with sweeping and dramatic draperies, Roman shades create a polished look.

Basement Window Draperies

Draperies are a fantastic way to provide warmth to your room. If your basement feels cold and damp, it can often be remedied with heavy fabric curtains. They can give you privacy. If you choose thicker material and blackout layers, they can even block out most of the light.

Consider the length of the draperies. Most basements have tiny windows, making it tempting to use small draperies; however, using a more extended drapery can create the illusion of bigger windows.

When choosing them, stick to light and airy colors to make your house look more appealing. A heavy pattern could be overwhelming. Basement window curtains can do more than just becoming security feature but also an enhancement to beauty and elegance of basement area.

Basement Window Shutters

Basement Window Shutters

Another great way to create the illusion of large windows is to install shutters. If installed correctly, these Basement Window Shutters will make it appear as if the window is much bigger than it is.

You can tilt the Interior Window Shutters for as much light as you need. No one will be able to see you when you have the shutters closed.

Basement Window Treatments Customized For You

If you need extra living space, look no further than your basement. We have all you need to transform your basement into an inviting and personal space. Basements are more versatile than people give them credit for, and the right window covers will help you turn yours into the room you want it to be.

With Basement Window Treatments, you have to deal with more problematic windows that may be in an awkward spot. We can help you to decorate those windows with the perfect window coverings. Want to find out how to get started? Contact our team!

Shop now and create unforgettable spaces with the design elements you love, fabrics that show off your style, and window treatments that give you control!!

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  1. Wow, amazing basement window treatment ideas! I love the arrangement made on your second image. I would ask my husband if we can have the stunning fabric roman shades in our basement. It’s been emptied for more than a year and I guess its time to change its aura!

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