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Top 5 Blinds to Block Out Sunlight


Window treatments have come up as one of the significant contributors in deciding the overall theme and ambience of the rooms in modern-day houses. Most homeowners tend to ignore them because their focus is on creating the desired atmosphere by concentrating on walls and décor. If done correctly, they can lift the aesthetics of the room by few notches. Selecting window treatments has been made easy to the consumers by the specialized options in the market. Depending on the requirements, there are dedicated window solutions that fits the need. Room darkening shades, which can filter from 95% to 99% of light for darker fabric colors, are a great solution if filtering substantial light is the need. For complete control over sunlight and privacy, blackout blinds are the best option.

Top 5 Blinds To Block Out Sunlight

When the aim is to block out sunlight completely, the following are the top five blinds one should consider:

1. Solar Shades To Block Out Sunlight:

Solar shades are made up of fabric that protects users from the sun’s ultraviolet rays but does not cause a complete blackout. In addition to sunlight protection, they allow for a view of the outside due to the sheer fabric material it is made with. The solar shades come with openness levels ranging typically from 1 % to 14 %. Openness stands for how tightly the fabric is woven. Lower openness levels ensure more blockage of sunlight and vice versa. For example, a solar shade with 10 % transparency allows only 10% of UV to pass through. In addition, the polyester weave that the fabrics are made with keep the heat at bay. They also provide better insulation which can further help reduce the electricity consumption of air-conditioning. By letting in a controlled amount of sunlight into the room, the solar shades also help protect the furniture from fading away.

2. Roller Blinds To Block Sunlight:

Roller blinds consist of a fabric that is rolled in and out of a tube that is found in its headrail.  They are fitted at the top of the window frame, with the option of being operated by positioning the bottom rail up and down or by pulling a sidewinding chain mechanism. Some of the advanced versions come with the option of motorization. It reduces the physical effort and increases the efficiency of the blind.  Roller blinds meant to block light are made up of sturdy material, cutting out the heat and the glare from the scorching sun. Some fabrics marked as ‘sun protective’ are capable of reflecting a higher amount of solar radiation than others. They also reduce the sunlight entering into the room along with infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Besides, it has the added advantage of helping maintain a constant temperature inside the house. If complete sunlight protection is required,  the roller shade can be used along with drapes to reduce the drafts of air and rays of light from the sides of the window. In addition, roller blinds have the added advantage of being easy to install and can blend with any room décor to provide added visual to the room. For these reasons, roller shades emerge as one of the most practical sun blocking window treatments.

3. Cellular Blinds To Block Sunlight:

Cellular blinds are the ideal window coverings when it comes to insulation and temperature control. Also known as honeycomb blinds, they have a unique honeycomb structure that traps air. This structure makes them fit enough to block the light and provide insulation to the room. These blinds usually come in single cell, double cell or triple cell designs, to accommodate for the various levels of insulation needed in the room. They are designed to obstruct light, trap air, and absorb sound to ensure a sophisticated appearance and optimal ambience to the room. The cellular shades enable the owner to be in complete control regarding sunlight protection and privacy. They are engineered to fit the windows perfectly and are sleek in comparison to other window treatments. It leaves significantly fewer gaps between the window and the shade for light to filter, resulting in better sunlight protection. Moreover, the top down bottom-up cellular blinds enable the owner to operate the blind from either top or bottom, thus deciding the amount of sunlight to enter the room.

4. Venetian Blinds  To Block Sunlight:

Venetian blinds help the house owner control the exact amount of light to enter the room. They are easy to install and are uncomplicated to operate, allowing the owners to have multiple levels of light filtration. If one has Venetian blinds installed, one can bring about a drastic change in the room’s overall look by controlling the sunlight with just a pull of a cord. The best part of having the Venetian blind installed in a room is that when pulled fully open, these blinds can become unnoticeable, but they provide good sunlight and heat control when they are drawn. Venetians come with adjustable slats, enabling the owner to set the angle from which the light can enter the room; thereby, controlling the intensity of sunlight in the room.  In addition to sunlight control, the Venetian blinds also provide ultraviolet and Infrared protection. They also add to the house’s aesthetic appeal as they come in a wide variety of shades and colours.

5. Roman Blinds To Block Sunlight

Roman blinds can be used to block the sunlight and bring an aesthetic charm to the room. They are the grandest of them all and make the room spacious and royal. For blackout properties, they come with a blackout lining which is attached to the back of the roman blind. It provides an additional layer that does not allow sunlight to enter the room. In providing sunlight protection, they safeguard the health interest of the owner and the furniture and other items of décor from the sun’s scorching rays. Further, this type of window covering is a good tool to dampen noise. Roman blinds can be operated easily, and it takes less effort to roll them up or down as per the requirements. The roman blinds make the house look sophisticated and contemporary because of the large number of available designs in the market. They are perfect for those people who want sunlight protection but with some style.

Especially in the summer. the harsh sunlight entering the room can make it impossible to have a comfortable rest. Thanks to these window solutions, any homeowner can be at ease as they help reduce glare, provide insulation, and add to the aesthetic value of the space. More importantly, these window solutions have been proven to be the best in blocking out sunlight.

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