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Simple and Organized: Top 5 Garage Window Finishing Ideas

Garage Window Treatments

Garage Window Treatments: Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

If you are trying to enhance the outlook of your home, you might be thinking how to do it or what can be the best alternatives rather than planting trees or redecorating the front porch? An overlooked area of your home’s exterior part is your garage windows and doors. Designing them may seem boring or time-consuming, but when you dress them up with the right solution, they can add incredible functionality and curb appeal to the entire home décor. Window fashions have been an important part when it comes to embellishing the beauty of your home. When you start enriching the look and functionality of the garage windows, window dressings are the most worthy choice for both the exterior and interior part of your home. If your garage doesn’t get enough amount of natural light through your existing blinds and you wish to increase the amount of the daylight, then garage window treatments are a great way to do that. This is more beneficial when you use your garage space for other purposes too.

Dressing garage windows can shield your indoor from prying eyes and the other unwanted elements which include glare and UV-rays while providing additional protection. If you are looking for some ideas, then going through this article will help you out!

Try and Buy: Best 5 Garage Window treatments

There are various solutions available to dress up windows, but when it comes to the garage, there are some particular selections that are ideal to cover those windows. Below are the top 5 garage window treatments, recommended by the window shade specialists –

  • Interior Shutters
  • Vinyl Window Blinds
  • Recycled Shower Curtains (alternative of hanging cloth curtain and more durable)
  • Solar Window Shades
  • Cellular Window Solution

The below reasons will state how these window designs are valuable for your garage.

Note: You can install frosted glass windows as well. Through these windows, outsiders will not be able to see inside while you will have partial visibility to outside. But these are perfect for only privacy purpose, not for blocking out the sunlight.

The Reasons You Should Think about Garage Window Treatments

Using garage window shadings has become a trademark in every house. They are the main ways to create a bridge between the indoor and outdoor area. According to the window researchers, installing blinds and shades is worthwhile to fit your requirements and lifestyle, and most importantly they are ideal for achieving the following benefits –

  • Letting Natural Light In: Say ‘hello’ to the sunshine every morning while doing various work in your garage area. Even when the windows are closed, you can enjoy the smoothness of natural light through the light filtering window solutions, which include custom roller shade, solar shade, vinyl window blinds, and many more. Garage windows are the perfect path to enjoy natural activities (sunrise or sunset) through these window fabrics.

Custom Roller Shades

  • A key to Smart Control: While doing something in the garage, you might not feel like closing and opening window dressings manually. Let the smart mechanism do that work. Get the smart controller access (manage with a smartphone or remote button) by adding automation to the windows. The voice-activated facility is also available so that you can raise or lower the shades with your voice. For example, if you feel like too much glare or sunlight is creating a hassle for you, all you need to say is “Alexa, Turn off the shades” or “Hey Google, can you lower the shades?” And the coverings will operate without pressing any button or manually. If your garage windows are high or out of reach, these smart shades will give you easy hands-free control.
  • Humidity Can Damage Blinds: A wooden garage window covering is always appreciated and well-suited for traditional home decor. But sometimes high moisture can lead your wooden coverings to damage or fade. In that scenario, custom faux wood blinds are an excellent choice to go for, which are not only resistant to water or steam but also have the liberty in controlling the perfect amount of light and privacy.

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

  • Constant Utility Bills: During the summer months, when excess heat blows throughout the space, you might consider installing cooler or a blower fan to keep the heat outside of the garage, but that doesn’t promote energy-efficiency. It’s recommended to install insulated window treatment such as cellular honeycomb blinds to balance the atmosphere throughout the year, which will reduce the energy costs as well. Even if you have odd-shaped windows like rectangular windows or octagon windows, then easy customization with cellular shades will work out.

Cellular Honeycomb Blinds

  • Safety Concern: Sometimes, kids love to play in the garage area, and for their safety, we should give special attention to the window coverings. Cordless and smart motorized window treatments are the right selection as they don’t have any hazardous lift cords. Otherwise, go for Graber window shutters, which will work amazingly.

Graber Window Shutters

  • Expense: Getting window finishing for your garage means added cost, but after the installation, the chic and astounding outlook will boost up your home’s value while increasing its curb appeal.

Installation – DIY or Call the Professionals

You can install these window solutions on your own. But with the help of the professionals, installation may be easier and less time-consuming.

Garage Window Coverings – Keep it Neat and Simple!

The above garage window finishing ideas will offer a simple and classic appearance while maintaining the other functional factors. Explore all these options and pick up the right one to fulfill all your desires.

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