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Top 5 Outdoor Trends For 2021


When the icy winters give way to bright summers, everyone wants to remain outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Fresh air, coupled with other bounties of nature make one healthier, both physically and mentally. During the summer months, one feels the need to have a porch, sunroom, or a pergola to relax and rejuvenate with family and friends. The only bottleneck in achieving the aim is the lack of privacy and sunlight control in the outdoor seating areas. The unique window treatments available make the outside space protected from bugs and UV safe. Therefore, these treatments are a perfect addition to the outdoor living area, making one’s social gatherings successful and rewarding.

Top 5 Outstanding Outdoor Trends For 2021

  • Solar Shades for Outdoor Rooms:

Solar shades are extremely popular when it comes to outside window treatments. It is because the glaring sunlight can make the temperature soar in the outdoor room. This makes it almost impossible to relax in such an atmosphere. To overcome all these problems, a single go-to solution is to install an outdoor solar shade. These solar shades are designed to reflect the sun’s rays and prevent them from entering the room. In the process, they also absorb the heat and make the room cool and comfortable. The following are some of the recognised advantages of outdoor solar shades:

Outdoor solar shades block ultraviolet radiation from the sun. UV rays can lead to various health-related issues like skin cancer. Solar shades can also protect the furniture kept on the porch from fading away in the harsh sunlight.

Solar shades reflect the sunlight to create a comfortable environment that is cooler than the rest of the outside. It helps the owner to relax and enjoy during the hot summer days.

Solar shades make the house energy efficient. It is so because they provide good insulation and do not allow the cool air-conditioned air to escape out. Thus, the amount of energy spent on air conditioning comes down.

Outdoor solar shades provide the desired privacy to the owner even in an outside room, sunroom or a pergola. It is so because these are available in different opacities and openness levels, and the owner can regulate the amount of light entering the room. For example, if the owner wants an outside view of the garden, they can opt for a fabric that is dark and high on openness. It reduces the glare and provides a clear view. On the other hand, if the owner requires complete privacy, a lighter shade with low openness should be opted for.

Outdoor roller shades can block the sunlight entering into the patio or a sunroom and provide a sleek and elegant look to it. In addition, the roller shades provide adequate privacy, cosiness and UV protection to the space’s inhabitants. Thus, the porch or the pergola becomes cooler and comfortable to stay in, making it an ideal place to spend quality time with family and friends. Furthermore, the roller shades can come with automation, making it convenient for the owner to have sunlight protection and privacy with a click of a button. In addition, the owner can also automate and program the shade to close at the set times.  

  • Aluminium Plantation Shutters for Outdoor Rooms:

Aluminium plantation shutters are be suited for outdoor setting spaces like patios, porches and pergolas. They provide the required protection from excessive sunlight and wind. Moreover, the aluminium plantation shutters come with a durable finish, making them longer-lasting. The added advantage of aluminium plantation shutters is that they are very sleek and do not cover a lot of space in the outside room. Furthermore, the look of the plantation shutter is classic and elegant. When installed, they uplift the aesthetic appeal of the room by a few notches. These shutters come with the option of multiple installation styles. They are available in hinged, multi-fold, sliding and fixed installations. In addition, these aluminium shutters are available in a wide variety of colours and can help the owner create a specific theme in the porch or a pergola.

  • Curtains and Drapes for Outdoor Rooms:

Curtains and drapes in a porch or a pergola provide the much-needed flexibility that most homeowners yearn for. One can easily open them and let the fresh air and sunlight in, but one can draw them and enjoy relaxing moments when one wants privacy with family and friends. The porch or pergola curtains help create a romantic touch and a practical solution for creating a private space for the owner. The curtains allow the owner to sit and rejuvenate themselves in a wide variety of time slots during the hot summer days. In addition, they make the room elegant and inviting.

It apparent that in the year 2021, many outstanding outdoor options are in vogue. A consumer can choose one according to his requirements and preferences, thereby making the exterior room fully functional with sunlight control, good insulation, and adequate privacy without being harmful to nature. 

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