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Top 5 Reasons to Order Window Blinds Online in Canada

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Top 5 Reasons to Order Window Blinds Online

If you’re looking for cheap custom-made window blinds in Canada, there are bricks-and-mortar liquidation stores, discount stores, and home renovation stores offering blinds and other window treatments. Just because a store offers window treatments, though, it doesn’t mean they’re the best solution for your home. Many smart shoppers in Canada know that the best place to buy discount window blinds and shades isn’t at their local store, but rather online.

Order Blinds Online Canada


Online shopping has really taken off in Canada, driven in part by the desire for lower prices and the convenience of online shopping. In fact, 76% of Canadians shopped online in 2014 and online shopping is expected to reach $42.7 billion in sales in Canada by 2018.

Smart Canadian shoppers take advantage of many of the perks of online shopping. For instance, shopping times peak after 11:00 p.m. and before 1:00 a.m., with even higher sales on Friday nights. When stores are closed, shoppers like knowing they can still buy what they want online. Canadian shoppers also like taking advantage of flexible shipping options and the convenience of having products delivered to their door.

In the past, customers mostly shopped for small products online — products like books, magazines, and music. Today, better shipping options and an explosion of online shopping means that customers can buy larger items, including home décor items, through an Internet connection. In fact, buying larger and potentially awkward items like blinds online can be convenient — especially when a company like offers free delivery. Most traditional stores offer either additional delivery charges or leave you struggling to fit boxes of blinds into your car in a parking lot. That’s not a great start to making over your windows. With, you don’t have to worry. You can just point, click and pick up your new blinds at your door.

If you need to buy window shades or blinds, there has never been a better time to take your buying experience online. No matter where you live in the country, buying discount blinds online offers five important benefits your local retailer just can’t offer:

1) Bigger Selection

If you go to a local store looking for discount blinds and window treatment, be prepared for a small selection. Bricks-and-mortar stores can only store a limited amount on their shelves and their warehouses, so if you have very large windows, oddly-shaped windows or just want to look at a selection of options, you’re probably out of luck. The situation is even worse if you don’t live in a big city like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver — small towns might only have a few stores selling blinds, so your selection might be even more limited. Yes, the stores can special-order blinds from the manufacturer, but be prepared to pay a lot more and get ready to wait for weeks, since stores are focused on offering in-store options.

When you shop online and buy discount window blinds through an online Canada store, you enjoy a huge selection. No matter where you live, you can browse thousands of possibilities — all without leaving your home. You don’t have to drive all over town to check out multiple stores while rushing to beat traffic and store hours. Instead, you can browse from the comfort of your own home and compare thousands of styles, colors and choices to find the perfect way to make your windows beautiful.

If you shop for blinds online with Canada’s window treatment experts,, your experience will be even better. has one of the best selections of window treatments and blinds in the country. We specialize in window treatments and we go out of our way to track down the highest-quality blinds, shutters, shades and other window treatments at incredible prices.

Unlike traditional stores, won’t make you wait. In most cases, we can take an order into production within 24 hours. Once you pay, the factory will get your order at once and you’ll get an order number so you can track the speedy process through delivery.

2) Cheaper Prices

Online retailers like Zebrablinds are simply able to offer better prices when compared with traditional stores. When you buy blinds online in Canada with, we’re able to offer a price guarantee so you know you’re getting the best deals. In addition, all prices are in Canadian dollars so you know how much you’ll pay for your online blinds, making comparison shopping easier.

What’s the secret behind Zebrablinds’ low prices? Zebrablinds sells only window treatments and we offer one of the largest selections in the country. As a major retailer of blinds and window treatments, we have the power to negotiate prices with manufacturers and distributors. Since we can get bargains, we pass the savings on to you when you shop with us.

At Zebrablinds, we also work hard to keep our overhead low. Bricks-and-mortar stores have to pay for leases, staff, transportation, utilities, extra insurance, parking lots, flyers, maintenance and everything else needed to run a store. All the extra costs get passed on to customers in the form of higher prices.

Since Zebrablinds maintains a virtual store, we don’t have to pay for this overhead and you pay less when you order window blinds online from our Canada site. We work hard to run a lean operation — without cutting corners on quality or service — so we save more to help you save more.

3) Easy Customization

No two windows are the same. Personal décor choices, style and the way you see your windows all affect the window treatments you need. Since there are no cookie-cutter solutions for window treatments, Zebrablinds makes it easy to customize your order for size and color. If you have unusually-shaped or oddly-sized windows, customization ensures your blinds fit properly. Just measure your windows and use the easy customization option to get the perfect fit every time. If you encounter problems or have questions, the professional team at Zebrablinds is standing by to help.

If you have specific demands for color, is pleased to offer free samples of all products so you can select the perfect fit for your style and décor. Our free samples make it easy to hold fabrics and colors in your hand so you can compare options. Ordering free samples is fast: Just hover your mouse over any specific shade of a product and click the “order sample” button. Instead of just looking at colors and samples in a store, you’ll have the samples delivered right to your door so you can see the fabrics and colors in your home.

Since you’ll see the samples in your home and with your lighting, you’ll get a true sense of what the color will look like on your windows. It’s far more effective than standing in a poorly-lit store and trying to figure out whether a specific blue blind will work with your wall color or will clash horribly.

How to Measure Blinds and Shades


4) Easy Measuring and Installation

Quality online retailers offer plenty of information online so you can measure and install your blinds correctly., for example, has a page explaining how to take perfect measurements for your window treatments and a separate page for installation instructions. When you’re measuring, all you need are the instructions and a steel tape measure. The installation guide is written in easy-to-understand steps so even if you’re not handy you can have your windows looking beautiful in no time at all. If you encounter any problems, is always there to help with exceptional customer service.

In fact, measuring and installing is easier with quality online retailers than with traditional retailers. For most bricks-and-mortar stores, you’ll measure your windows (with no instructions or guidance) before heading to the store. Then you’ll just have to hope you measured correctly and that the instructions are easy to understand. Often they’re not, leading to endless frustration (and sometimes some creative language). wants to help you avoid this type of common hassle, which is why we offer support and instructions right on our website. Our goal is to help you get your blinds perfect the first time.



5) Less Hassle With Shipping, Duties and Customs

Some Canadians shop across the border for window shades, blinds and other window treatments, hoping to take advantage of lower prices. In fact, over 23 million Canadians travel to the U.S. each year, in part so they can enjoy the lower prices and taxes at American stores. There’s one problem: duties and customs can be a hassle at the border. You need to keep the receipts for your purchases, spend time getting your purchases inspected, and then pay the additional fees. Since it’s hard to predict how much you’ll need to pay at the border, you may get an unpleasant surprise. The blinds with the amazing sale price in a Maine store may cost you a lot more than you bargained for once the extra charges pile on.

Even in traditional stores in Canada, you may be charged extra if you special-order blinds or custom window treatments out of the United States because the store will need to pay additional duties and fees. Many stores have policies ensuring you are responsible for the extra charges.

If you decide to order blinds online, it’s important to keep in mind that customs, duties, brokerage fees and extra costs might be tacked onto your order if your shipments are made out of the United States. If you buy window shades in Canada but have them shipped from America, it’s just like buying them across the border. Worse, you will not know exactly how much customs and duties might be when you place your order, as additional charges can be added at the border. Extra time at the border also means potential delays, especially if authorities open your package or have to add extra duties on your purchase.

Some customers get an unpleasant surprise when they shop online but don’t shop with Canadian online retailers. Worse, the exchange rate means the incredible deal you see online might not be such a bargain once translated into Canadian dollars.

The solution? If you don’t want delays or extra charges, buy blinds online with a Canada retailer. You’ll get all the advantages of shopping online and none of the drawbacks of cross-border shopping. offers free shipping and since we are a Canadian company there are no customs, brokerage fees or duties to pay.

The price you see at your checkout is the price you’ll pay. It’s just another way to help you save money when you buy window blinds online.

How to Make Shopping Online for Custom Window Coverings in Canada Even Easier

With all these advantages to online shopping, how can you make sure your online shopping experience is even better? Here are a few tips:

1) Choose Retailers Carefully

Not all online retailers are alike. Look for a retailer with a great understanding of blinds. A quality retailer will offer good customer service and will be both reliable and reputable., for example, is a BBB Accredited Business, an verified merchant and has certification from GoDaddy, AlphaSSL and PayPal. We take your privacy and online security seriously and we do everything we can to keep your personal information private when you shop with us. If you want to know more about Zebrablinds, you can read the reviews and testimonials of happy customers online or speak to members of our team.

2) Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Don’t rush the process. Consider what window treatments would look great in your home, check out window treatments and blinds in other homes, and think about what you’re looking for. Do you want more privacy, more control over your light or protection from UV rays? There’s no hurry, so avoid making a rash decision. Look for something you will enjoy on your windows for years to come.



3) Don’t Be Afraid to Browse

Look at different window treatments and blinds, watch the videos at Zebrablinds and really explore your options. Compare different colours, fabrics, materials and styles. Zebrablinds makes it easy by offering thousands of options and choices, so you never have to settle for anything other than window treatments you’ll be thrilled with. We even offer free samples so you can “sit” with a colour or fabric to try it out before you buy.

4) Check the Details

Window treatments don’t just have to look good — they have an important job to do. Carefully read the details Zebrablinds offers to help you review your options, maintenance instructions and other details. For example, if you have children or pets, does your preferred style of blinds have safer cordless options? How easy are the blinds to clean? How do the blinds open? You want easy-to-operate window treatments designed to last for years to come, so pay attention to the specifics of each product.

5) Look for Convenient Extras

When shopping online, make sure the ordering process is easy. makes ordering hassle-free with online customer service and a simple-to-use shopping cart offering click-and-buy and customization options. is pleased to accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, PayPal and American Express for your convenience. Our online system makes it easy to track your order and review what you have purchased. These little service details can make all the difference in your retail experience.

Buying Online Window Coverings in Canada makes it easy for you to shop for window treatments and windows blinds in Canada. We work hard to offer convenience, service, customization, selection and amazing prices. We believe all Canadians should have access to the very best window treatments at every budget point. If you want to start enjoying your home again, start with your windows. Get beautiful window treatments at Zebrablinds. Visit our website to start browsing for stunning blinds, shades, shutters, draperies and other window treatments — all at discount prices.

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