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Top 5 Ways To Create A Safe Clean Home During The Pandemic

Top 5 Ways To Create A Safe Clean Home During The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the way people of the world move, live and even breath. As the pandemic swept across one continent after another, people became aware of virus and the need to keep their surroundings clean. Consensus is that we should keep our homes neat and clean so that exposure to the viruses inside the home will be decreased. One of the best ways to achieve cleanliness is through window treatment solutions. This fact is because the windows is where air passes between indoors and outdoors, and fresh outdoor air helps to regulate the passing of the virus between people.

What Is Window Treatment?

A window treatment is a covering that can be placed over a window for aesthetic and functional purposes.  There are multiple types of window treatments on the market, like blinds, shades and curtains. They all can help the owner control the amount of sunlight entering the room and regulate the air the passes in and out through the windows.

Factors to consider while selecting window treatments

  • Cleanliness and Privacy:

Window treatments enhance the of privacy to the homeowners. However, a critical point to keep in mind that window coverings attract dust. So, it is of utmost importance to keep it clean to combat bacterial and fungal growth.

  • Cleanliness and Sunlight Control

Different types of window treatments provide varying levels of sunlight control. Complete blackout treatments allow the user complete blocking over the sunlight, while other materials such as light-filtering and sheer vary in the levels of sunlight coming through.

  • Cleanliness and Temperature Control:

Window treatments can help provide additional insulation to the room. They reduce the amount of energy required to maintain a uniform temperature in the room as the window treatment does not allow airflow through the windows.

5 ways to create a safe clean home during the pandemic

  • Vertical Blinds to Keep the Room Clean:

The traditional role performed by the vertical blinds is to keep the sunlight away from the room. If one has large-sized windows, then along with tackling excessive sunlight during summers, one has to deal with a lot of dust entering the room.  In addition, the vertical blinds do not let a lot of dust settle on their surface. Thus it becomes easier for the owner to keep the room clean along with keeping the blinds clean.  One can vacuum clean them or clean them with a simple duster. These blinds keep the excessive sunlight and dust away from the room, therefore, they help keep the owner healthy as they do not suffer from headaches, eye strain and allergies.

  • Roman Shade to Keep the Rooms Clean:

Roman shades contribute towards creating a positive aesthetic appeal of the room. They come in a wide variety of shades and colours that can go with any theme. Moreover, they being highly flexible, can be customised to suit the needs of the individual rooms and windows. This quality makes them a natural fit to make the room look royal and clean at the same time. However, we must not forget the traditional role played by roman shades. Romans primarily covered their windows with a wet cloth to keep the dust and debris out. Soon, people realized the importance of the roman shades to provide cover from the harsh sun and keep dust and debris away. In modern times, when windows’ structure has changed due to modern architecture, roman shades can still help keep the room clean and dust-free. They are also very easy to maintain, the owner only needs to brush them, and they will look good as new.

  • Roller Shades to Keep the Room Clean

Roller shades are another option to keep the clean. Modern-day rollers come with the option of automation, so the owner can control all the windows through a remote control or smartphone. Roller blinds go a long way in keeping the room clean. They save the owner’s time as he or she can control the shades without moving. It saves precious time and does not allow dust to enter the room. Fabric roller shades can be cleaned with a dry duster. But after cleaning, the shade should be left open for it to air dry. One should be extra cautious that the shades should be regularly cleaned during the pandemic, and no outsider should be allowed to touch them. If an outsider has come in the contact of shades, these should be sanitized immediately.

  • Curtains to Keep the Room Clean:

Curtains have traditionally been used in modern houses to provide sunlight protection and also privacy. They come in a wide variety of colours and textures and can serve multiple purposes. From taking the room’s aesthetic appeal a notch higher, curtains can do it all like providing complete a blackout solution. Some of them provide insulation and help make the home energy efficient, while others can absorb excessive external noise. When curtains are drawn, they provide protection from sunlight and privacy, but along with it, they also prevent dust entering the room. People who want their rooms to be spot-free usually keep their curtains drawn. Curtains can be hand-washed, steamed or dry cleaned, depending upon the fabric used to make them. In the pandemic, it becomes imperative to ensure that curtains are clean and are not a house for fungus and germs.

  •  Treated Glass to Keep the Room Clean:

If the owner wants to keep the room clean without sifting through the correct window treatment, an option available is treated window glass. It gives sunlight protection, along with keeping the room dust-free.  They help in maintaining the view but at the same time keep the indoors private. In addition, since the windows are shut to enhance air conditioning in modern architecture, treated glass does not allow dust to enter. It is extremely easy to clean them. A wet cloth soaked in soap water is all that is required to clean them. In the time of the pandemic, it becomes crucial to clean  and sanitise the treated glass windows to ensure that there is no exposure and transmission of the virus through the hard window surfaces

It is essential to keep the room clean. Window treatments play a crucial role in keeping the room clean, especially during a pandemic. They should help to reduce the entry of dust particles in the room and at the same time, easy to clean.  

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