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It’s Shady Business! Best Window Treatments for Your Office

Office Window Coverings

Best Window Treatments for Your Office

Provided the time we are living in, most of our day is spent confined within the walls of our office. Be it as an employee or an employer, a sustainable environment with proper equipment and safety has become more and more necessary. Creating the right mood in the office is important for the amount of time you spend in your office and to create an optimal space for work and productivity. If you own an office and want to decorate it, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Go for simple office window coverings that will help you get on with the process. The best office window treatment ideas are here for you to browse through before you take a random plunge at anything.


Top 8 Office Window Coverings to Choose

#1. Solar Shades:

Basic solar shades are necessary for the office blinds as they just help to filter out the excess light and help you concentrate on your work more. They have special abilities to block UV rays and glares that may be harmful to your eyesight. Staring at the window screen for long hours straight can cause strain on your eyes and give you a constant headache. These solar shades have materials which are fit for filtering out the light and doesn’t cause a glare on your screen.  They help you keep the extra radiation away and keep you safe and sound.

Solar Shades for Office


#2. Roman Shades:

These are just so very apt for an office environment. They are capable of blocking out the lights or creating an illusion of a dark room when they are drawn. They add softness to the drapes with their pastel light shades. To add more privacy, just add a blackout liner to the roman shades to keep the unwanted sights away. If you want the natural lights to fill your room, keep them open, while if you wish to keep your room dark and dim to focus on your work in hand, just draw them closed.

Roman Shades for Office


#3. Venetian Blinds:

These are one of the best choices for any office environment. With their features, it is very convenient for people to install them at the office. The slats can be tilted and kept at certain angles for the lights to stream in when required. They are easy to clean and dust because of the material they are made up of, unlike the traditional curtains. These office Venetian blinds are excellent for privacy as you cannot see through the material when it is closed. The aluminum slats are waterproof and extremely durable, and above all, they are affordable, which makes them a great option when you plan to cover a larger office.

Venetian Blinds for Office Space


#4. Modern Mini Blinds:

The modern mini blinds or modern window coverings are the regular blinds that are installed in any and every office that keep your workplace ambiance comfortable. When left open, the slats are placed either horizontally or vertically, depending upon the type of blinds you choose. They let the natural light flood into your office in this position. When you do not want too much of the sun’s rays to beam into your room, you can choose to keep them close. In this position, the slats overlap and block most of the light out.

Modern Window Coverings


#5. Bamboo Shades:

With exotic designs on board, these shades are a relative newcomer to the world of interior decors. The bamboo shades provide you with an experience of a tropical home with their pure and soothing colors, and they help to filter out extra light, keeping the room cool. They are high-quality window shades that go very well with any room décor. The best part about these? They are available with a cordless lift, keeping your home child and pet safe. They are quite easily operated and go up and down super smoothly.

Bamboo Shades


#5. Wooden Shutters:

Especially used with traditional interior decorations, these shutters have carved their way into the modern era as well. The wooden shutters are easily used in today’s times and complement the modern day look so well. Wooden shutters are completely classy in their looks and are an amazing way to provide privacy to your interiors. They can be operated according to your needs. With the option of interior and exterior shutters, these have become a popular favorite. They are reasonably priced and can be fixed in offices with ease.

Wooden Shutters for Office


#6. Curtains:

These are the most common items to be installed at a window. They are made up of fabrics that are available in different colors and textures. You can add some blackout drapes to keep the extra light filtered out totally and your room dark and dim for a more soothing effect. These can give you the notion of a calmer ambiance, and you can work blissfully. They are available in different textures as well. They help you keep the room warm during the winters and cool during the summers.

Curtains for Office Space


#7. Frosted Glass:

Frosted glass is a modification done to glass in the office for a more corporate look. The glass is half-translucent. The frosted effect can keep the unwanted eyes away while letting the natural light come into your office space. You keep it half-frosted and half transparent as well. The transparent portion can be designed to give it a more customized look.


#8. Roller Shades:

These are the shades that can be rolled up or down for your own convenience. They come in a variety of fabrics, ranging from sheer (called solar fabrics), light filtering, or blackout. The fabric is easily adjustable and can also be customized to have a built-in motor, controlled by a remote or your smartphone.

Roller Shades for Office

With the advent of these shades and shutters, you can give your office ambiance a huge boost. The environment and décor have evolved a lot with the introduction of these privacy window treatments. Install new blinds and renew the atmosphere of your office space.


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