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Top 3 Benefits of Outside Mount Blinds with Window Trim

Outside Mount Blinds with Window Trim

Purchasing new window treatments is a very challenging task in itself. You will have to make decisions and browse through a lot of different products. That said, everyone goes through similar questions before purchasing – do you want blinds or shades? Would you prefer real wood or faux wood? Roller Solar shades or Roman shades? Sheer shades or Blackout shades? Apart from all these major choices, one of the most common dilemmas that confuse the majority of the homeowners is whether they would prefer to have outside mount blinds with window trim or inside mount. We know that while reading, it seems like a very easy choice. However, the option you choose is going to decide the final appearance of your newly purchased modern blinds and shades. Inside mount shades are installed within the frame of the window.


The majority of the window coverings are hung using inside mount. Inside mount allows a cleaner installation and doesn’t take up enough space, which is the main reason why most of the homeowners consider this option to be more visually appealing. Further, inside mount window treatment ideas require minimum depth during their installation. If you want to flaunt and highlight your window trims, then inside mount will be a perfect option. They can also be used if you are looking to keep a semi-visible profile for your window treatments.

Inside Mount Blinds vs Outside Mount Blinds


Meanwhile, an outside mount window treatment is designed for mounting blinds outside window frame, mostly on the window trim. They can be mounted at varying heights and widths outside and above the frame of the window. They can be adjusted and fitted according to your preference and requirements. Outside mounts don’t give your window treatments that affluent or deep-seated look, but they come with their own benefits. Today, we are going to discuss the top 3 benefits of outside mount blinds with trim:

Top 3 Benefits of Outside Mount Blinds with Trim


  1. Outside mount blinds with window trim makes your windows look bigger

Inside mounts fit in your window frame and reveal their actual size. On the other side, you can install blinds on outside mount to create an illusion of massive looking windows. If your home windows are of smaller size and you are more attracted towards the looks and appearance of big windows, then you should definitely install outside mounted blinds. They make the windows look bigger when kept in closed or semi-closed positions. In this way, they create an illusion of an oversized window. It is a common saying that “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. Outside mounted blinds works on the same principle. In their case, it is a window behind the blind that will get less attention.

One of the biggest advantages of installing outside mount blinds is that homeowners can easily control the dimensions and their position on the wall. They can also be used to give an aesthetic appearance to small windows that sit far away from the ceiling. In this case, you can hang your outside mounted blind higher up to make that smaller window appear taller. These blinds are also very useful in covering up any uneven windows in your house.

Outside Mount Blinds


  1. Eliminate light gaps with outside mount blinds with window trim

Many homeowners spend a lot of time in searching for their perfect blind, they hang them, and they see “light gaps”. For inside mounts, the light peaks in from the sides of most window blinds. This is due to the reason that most of the window treatments are made to fit within the frame of the windows. This results in small gaps between the frame and the blind. Sometimes these little gaps are big enough to drive you crazy.

It is important to block light from entering especially in your bedroom, media rooms, and also in your home office. Continuous seepage of light slivers from around the edges of the window will affect your daily life in a bad way. It will lead to uncomfortable sleep or working conditions. Obviously, for complete blackout, you will want to think of layering drapery over blackout shades along with a cornice. But, there is a simple solution also that does not require any layering of purchasing multiple window treatment options. Outside mount window blinds can be installed for a darker look and for complete coverage of windows. If you are looking for more of a dark cave effect, then install outside mount blinds with blackout shades.

Outside Mount Window Blinds


  1. Outside mount blinds with window trim are very versatile

Do you have irregularly shaped windows that make installing inside mounts a challenging task? Do you have windows with shallow frames? Do you want to install blinds on your doors? Do handles and cranks stick out from your windows? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ for you, then outside mount should be your first choice. They are an ideal window treatment option in such conditions because they don’t fit inside your window frame.

If you think that windows in your house look ugly, then you install outside mount blind to hide such windows and give your room a new ambiance. By doing so, your wallet will thank you because it is much cheaper to cover up the window using a stylish blind than to replace the entire window.

Outside mount blinds with window trim are great for doors as well. Most of the doors do not have sufficient space to install inside mount window treatments. Under such circumstances, outside mount blinds come to rescue. They can be installed in places and provide best-in-class privacy in otherwise difficult to cover areas around doors or windows.

Outside Mount Blinds for Odd Shaped Windows


Moreover, outside mount blinds are an ideal choice for shallow windows. For traditional windows, inside mount blinds are not suitable. The casing of shallow windows make it difficult to install usual window treatments. For such windows, outside mount blinds may be the only solution to provide privacy and proper light control.

Outside mount blinds are often a hit if your window trims are inadequate. They cover them efficiently and enhances the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your windows.

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