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Must-Know Facts About Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Shades

Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Shades

Must-Know Facts About Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Shades


Typical and traditional types of window blinds are perfect when it comes to eliminating the glare that is produced by the sun or reducing the UV rays flooding your home. However, top down bottom up honeycomb shades have the potential to offer a lot more to compliment your beautiful home. These shades are the versatile options for your home and every room, for they not only offer an abundance of privacy but also allow the natural light in your home when you need.

Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades


Interesting Facts about Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Shades that You Must Know –


Did you know top down bottom up shades offer you the flexibility to operate them from the bottom, top, and even in a combination of both? Today, we live in an age where every inconvenience or a problem has a solution. This is applicable for window treatments as well. This is the best option you have when it comes to deciding whether you want privacy or natural light. It is time you part your ways to the inability to decide whether you want to enjoy the view while maintaining your privacy, the fresh breeze outside, and the sensational décor of your home. By controlling them from the top and the bottom, you can have the top open to let light in while the bottom is covered for privacy, have the bottom open for light while the top is closed so you reduce glare or anything in between.

Depending on the modern lifestyle and the kind of home you own, make the most of cordless TDBU cellular shades. However, now the time to learn a little bit more about them –


  • This is a brand-new approach to shades –

By now you have understood that there are plenty of choices in shades – the most popular one being the kind where you can either tilt open or close the shades. This is the style that lets you have a view of the outside without going through the trouble of lifting your shades all the way up. Every shade could perform only one thing – either it could go up or all the way down. All of which simply changed with the top down bottom up honeycomb shades. You now have the freedom to raise your shades all the way up or lower it, any which way you want. With these amazing shades you have the opportunity to enjoy:


  • You will enjoy a combination of both privacy and natural light at once.
  • You can enjoy the mesmerizing views outside without going through the trouble of raising your shades all the way up.
  • You have a plethora of choices in the fabric of your shades.

TDBU Blackout Cellular Shades


Gone are those days when the shades would either go up or down and there was absolutely nothing that stayed in the middle. With top down bottom up window shades, you can finally get rid of your wood, vinyl, or aluminum blinds and choose a beautiful fabric material for your shades that offers a more elegant look.


  • Comes in a variety of fabric types

This style of shade has earned its name for the ability to move upwards or downwards to offer you with a view of the outside and privacy whenever you want. The best part about that is it looks sensational in every home. But, that isn’t all you should know about these shades. They are available in light filtering, sheer, or blackout materials so that you can choose the right level of openness for your needs and your home.

Cordless TDBU Light Filtering Cellular Shades


  • Cordless top down bottom up cellular shades

Well, this is an absolute must. A shade will always come with a way which will enable you to move it either upwards or downwards. A majority of the times it comes with the basic cord which you have to pull to either open or close the shade. You also have the ability to lock the cord somewhere in the middle. Releasing the cord will bring down the shades. However, there is an issue that we can’t help but overlook. The length of the cord will change as you move it upwards or downwards. When the shades are pulled all the way up, you will have a cord which is twice the size of your window. This will simply dangle around and pool on your floor. These cords not only accumulate dust on the floor but also become the perfect plaything for your children and pets.


These cellular shades make this problem even worse. You will end up with two pairs of cords. One cord is for the bottom rail movement and the other is for the middle rail movement. So, you must simply get the cordless option. With one easy touch of your hand, you can move the shades up or down by pushing on a handle on the upper or bottom rail. They are extremely reliable and robust and are safe for kids.

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades


  • Adjustable Leveling System

In any design of shades, the moving parts can sometimes get misaligned or go out of level with the course of time. With the top down bottom up shades, you have the opportunity to take care of it. A superior quality top down bottom up shades comes with the feature of easy adjustable level changes.


What are the Reasons You Should Absolutely go Ahead and Buy Top Down Honeycomb Shades?

Well, the reasons why you need to buy these shades are way too many to encounter. Although, you should definitely watch out for these –

  • The incredible top-down functionality of the shades

You must definitely make the most of these shades in your bathroom. The feature to lower it from the top will allow fresh air and natural light to come in your bathroom while maintaining privacy.


  • Don’t miss out on the bottom up feature

You can use this in an extremely standard manner. Do you want to open your shades from the bottom? Well, you can have that too. This feature enables to block the harsh and intense sunlight that pours in your house during the day.


  • A combination of both the features

Your every need – be it natural air, sunlight, and privacy can be taken care of by the combination of top down bottom up shades. This creates privacy at an eye level.


  • There is no need to decide

With these amazing shades, you don’t have to ever go through the trouble of deciding which way you want your shades to function. You can change them on an hourly or daily basis.

There is no better option in window treatments other than the top down bottom up cellular shades. You can finally add the essential elegance necessary for your décor with them.





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