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Make Your Baby’s Room Comfortable and Safe With Most Effective Nursery Window Treatments

Nursery Window Coverings

Nursery Window Coverings to Give a Soothing Environment to Your Baby for a Sound Sleep

Sleep – the most important and vital element for the good health of toddlers. Most children by the age of two have spent more time sleeping than waking and doing other things. Why? Because they are growing while they are asleep. So getting them a sound and undisturbed sleep is a must to let them develop and grow healthy. The quality of sleep impacts directly on the mental as well as physical development of a baby. When the baby’s sleep is disturbed or incomplete, they feel irritated. But, after completing their sleep, babies are happier and also more alert. As they have taken full rest, they are able to concentrate and learn in a much better way. Sleep quality also affects the immune system of babies. Well-rested baby will always have a better immune system than one who is sleep-deprived.


To give their baby a sound and undisturbed sleep, parents put in a lot of effort. They speak or communicate quietly or they don’t speak around the baby at all. They shut down each and everything which can disturb the sleep of their baby, like the television, radio, phones, windows, and doors, etc. Windows and doors in a baby’s room play a very important role in letting them sleep peacefully. They are the major sources of letting in the sunlight, the noise or the heat. Many parents have opted for curtains to cover their windows and doors. But are they effective enough to block all the light, noise or heat that enters your baby’s room and make it uncomfortable? Not always.


ZebraBlinds has come up with the most effective way of covering the windows and doors of your home which will filter away the outside disturbing elements from entering your baby’s room. And the solution is the proper implementation of nursery window blinds and shades.

Nursery Window Coverings are truly a worthy investment which not only provides functionality but also transforms the appearance of your baby’s room. We have a lot of choices and customization options as well to match with your every requirement and taste. But before getting to the endless options, let’s first explore the major benefits you will get by getting them installed.


Benefits of Nursery Window Coverings Which Can’t be Ignored if You Are a Parent


#1. Blocking Harsh Sunlight & Glare

Light is one of the major disturbances of a baby’s sleep. Harsh sunlight and glare hitting the eyes of toddlers make them irritated and too uncomfortable to sleep peacefully. Nursery window coverings are very effective when it comes to the blocking of excess light. They do not let the sun rays enter the room. Sun rays not only disturb the sleep of the baby but also damage their soft skin and eyes. The UV radiations from the sun are very harmful to a baby. They also damage the furniture, flooring, and other home décor items. Window coverings make the ambiance of the nursery room dark and comfortable which is perfect for getting a good night’s sleep, even during the day. So, by implementing window coverings to the nursery room, your baby will be able to get a quality sleep. It helps a lot in keeping your baby happy, healthy and growing. You can easily control the amount of light that enters your baby’s room. Some natural light is beneficial and gives no harm to the health of your baby. You can opt for light filtering roller shades or sheer shades Canada if you want to filter away excess light while still letting in some amount of natural light.


#2. No Disturbing Noises

‘Shhhhhh.. the baby is sleeping’ – A common phrase spoken by parents to every one present in the home while their baby is sleeping. They do so to give their baby the most relaxing and sound sleep so that he or she can grow happily. One thing most of the parents overlook, however,  is the noises coming from the outside. How will they control them? Closing the windows and doors or adding curtains are some of the most outdated and ineffective methods. Nursery window treatments are made from the noise-cutting premium material which blocks the noises of the outside, making the ambiance of your baby’s room peaceful. Controlling the noises inside your home is not enough. Parents also need to block the noises of outside like traffic, loud neighbors, etc., if they want their baby to wake up with a smile.


#3. Insulation From Outside Weather

Babies are super-sensitive to weather conditions, whether it is hot or cold. They tend to fall sick very easily by coming in contact with outside hot or cold air. We offer cellular window blinds and shades which perfectly shield your home from outside adverse weather conditions. They offer complete insulation by trapping the air in their honeycomb-designed pockets. Implementation of cellular window blinds and shades to your baby’s room will keep it cozy and super-comfortable. They can sleep or play without getting affected by hot winds or freezing air from outside. Window blinds and shades are effective and durable for every kind of weather. They are made to withstand the adverse weather conditions to keep your home and your loved ones insulated and safe.

 Cellular Shades for Nursery Room


#4. Cordless Design For Safety

Most parents must be thinking about the loose hanging cords which can be so dangerous if babies or pets get tangled in them. We understand your concern and therefore, have come up with the safest and easiest solution – smart nursery window coverings. These window coverings are cordless and can be operated with a remote from anywhere in the room. Not only by a remote control, you can even access them with your smartphones as they are equipped with Z-wave technology. These features make your home smart and intelligent.

Cordless Window Blinds and Shades for Nursery Room

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to give voice commands to your window blinds? Well, it’s now possible with our latest collection of smart nursery window treatments. Just say, ‘Alexa, close the window blinds’, and they will close automatically. These smart blinds can be integrated with smart home devices like Samsung SmartThings and Wink. You just need to have voice assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home to enjoy this amazing feature. These smart features will add a touch of smartness to the look and functionality of your home.

Amazon Alexa Motorized Blinds  

#5. Customization Options Available

Nursery rooms are very different and bright as compared to other areas of the home. Babies are always attracted towards bright colors, humorous and comedic designs, eye-catching patterns, etc. So, parents often make the rooms of their babies accordingly. Now, if they will implement window blinds and shades which do not match with the overall look and feel of the room, it can ruin the whole vibe and look. Therefore, ZebraBlinds offers a versatile and cost-effective range of customization options. Parents can get their window blinds and shades customized in any color, shape, design, pattern, material, etc., to match with the theme of their baby’s room.

 Smart Motorized Window Blinds


#6. No Need to Break the Bank

It’s a great myth that the installation of window blinds and shades is expensive. Window blinds and shades come in a variety of specifications and can also be customized as per the budget of the customer. ZebraBlinds offers great deals and discounts on window coverings online. They not only protect your home from the weather but also contribute to your savings. The lesser light that enters your home, the lower the temperature and the less you will need to rely on your air conditioning. Therefore, proper window treatments help reduce your energy bills, making them a worthy investment.


So go ahead and decide what kind of nursery window coverings you want to install in your baby’s room – solar roller shades, custom window blinds, top-down bottom-up blinds, wooden blinds, smart shades, and many more. You can explore our collection and get the best shade that suits your every need.

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