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Enjoy Versatility At It’s Best With Graber Dual Shades

Graber Dual Shades

Graber Dual Shades Lets You Enjoy The Fall Season Without Getting Sun In Your Eyes

If you are thinking of designing or re-designing your space then you must have given a thought about the purpose of it. Is it transforming the look? Is it making your home modern and trendy? Is it making your home smart? Is it upgrading the ambiance of your room? If you have anyone purposes among these or if you have all these purposes then you must have prepared yourself for a large amount of expenditure.


Most homeowners opt for an expensive path for redesigning or designing their homes which include the addition of designer furniture, changing ceiling designs & flooring, changing wall colors, and many more. If you wish to spend less and get the ambiance of your home completely transformed then ZebraBlinds is the one-stop solution. We are here to fulfill your purpose without digging your pocket. We design or re-design the masterpieces of your home – Windows & Doors. Homeowners often overlook them while doing all the permutations & combinations of home décor. But in fact, upgrading them can actually make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your home. We have come up with the latest collection of smart window blinds & shades which are budget-friendly and effective as well. They are the best replacement for those old-fashioned curtains and draperies.


Installation of window blinds and shades is the most trendy and reliable solution to change the feel of your home and make it smart. Among all the choices and options we have, Graber Dual Shades is the one that not only offers great appearance and functionality but they are also versatile in nature. They are two-in-one shades which are suitable for any kind of weather. These window coverings online are designed with two kinds of materials or window shades equipped in a single mount or valance. So, whether you want a dark or a sunny ambiance, they can provide both simultaneously.


Graber dual shades are a great addition to your home, is budget-friendly and eco-friendly as well (Graber is one of the few manufacturers actively trying to use recycled components and reduce overall waste). Here are the major benefits of implementing these amazing window covering solution in your space.


Top Reasons Of Choosing Graber Dual Shades For Transforming Your Home Interiors


#1. Versatility: Graber dual shades are crafted with two kinds of window coverings. You can choose as per your requirement and taste. On one side, you can opt for blackout material window shades which will completely block the sunlight from entering your home. And, on the other side, you can opt for solar fabric which are sheer shades and great to see the Canadian countryside and will filter any excess amount of sunlight or light filtering sheer shades. You can also choose roller window shades instead of the solar shades to filter light while providing privacy at all times.

 Graber Dual Roller Shades


#2. Blockage Of Harmful UV Radiations: UV radiation is not only harmful to your furniture and flooring but also damages your skin. Implementing Graber dual shades will give you the control over the amount of light entering the home and as a result, control over the UV rays that come in. An excess amount of light creates a disturbed and uncomfortable atmosphere inside the home and when combined with heat from UV radiation it becomes irritating. If you work from home or have rotational shifts at work then this would be a cost-effective solution which will let you enjoy a sound sleep even during daylight. When you want to bask in the sunlight, then you can choose the sheer side of Graber dual shades which allows filtered light inside and lets you easily see outside.

Blackout Dual Window Blinds


#3. Have Control On The Inside Temperature: We offer sunroom shades and blinds which are crafted with premium quality. They shield your home from outside weather conditions thus keeping the inner atmosphere comfortable. Graber dual shades can have solar shades on one side which absorb the UV radiations and protect your space. They give you control over how much sunlight and heat you wish to let in.

Light Filtering Dual Shades 


#4. Contribution In Savings: As our offered custom shades and blinds in Mississauga shield your home from outside weather conditions, the temperature of your home remains in control. It leads to a comfortable and cool ambiance which requires little to no air conditioning (except on those out of the blue super warm days… thanks to global warming). Therefore, the addition of Graber dual roller solar shades will help reduce your energy bills. We think savings in energy bills make these blinds a worthy investment.


#5. Eco-friendly: Air conditioning makes the outside environment polluted and unhealthy as air conditioners emit harmful gases.  Window coverings will let you reduce your AC use and shades made by Graber use recyclables where possible, making it even better for the environment. You can even have natural shades which are crafted from jute, wood, bamboo, grass, etc.


#6. Choices Are Endless For A Perfect Match: Endless specifications and customization options are available as per your need and choice. Color tones from bright to subtle, modern to traditional designs, sheer to blackout materials, cord & cordless functionality, smooth to embossed textures, and many more specifications are available at affordable prices to match with the theme of your home interiors.


#7. No Need To Break The Bank: Homeowners have their budgets which they don’t want to cross to redesign their homes. They think window blinds and shades are an expensive affair but it’s a myth. ZebraBlinds provides amazing discounts and deals on its collection. We customize them as per your need, choose a budget without compromising with the quality. You can count on us completely when it comes to the window covering solutions. They are reasonable and very effective. You will instantly feel the transformation in your home after getting them installed.


#8. Smart Functionality: Safety is always a concern when it comes to kids and pets; the less cords you have hanging, the safer it is ZebraBlinds has come up with a great solution: Smart motorized dual shades. They can be operated with a remote or with your smartphones (as long as they are connected to a compatible z-wave hub). You can even give voice commands to them as they are equipped with Z-wave technology with the help of which they can be integrated with home automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink. So, you don’t need to worry about cords anymore.

 Smart Motorized Dual Shades


#9. Cleaning Is Not A Messy Task: Just like any other household items, window blinds and shades also require regular dusting. They can be vacuum cleaned also. For deep cleaning, you can clean them up with a wet clothed dipped in the detergent solution. They are long lasting and durable.

Cleaning Dual Window Shades 

Apart from dual shades, Zebrablinds also offers many other kinds of window covering solutions that are very effective and reasonable too like skylight remote controlled blackout blinds for hard to reach windows, outdoor patio shades for large size windows and sliding doors, sunroom shades and blinds, sheer shades which are excellent to look out at the Canadian countryside, etc. You just need to weigh your preferences and order online. You can get in touch with our experts for any help.

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