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Window Replacement Ideas: Treat Your Home to Celebrate Family Day

Window Replacement Ideas

Top Window Replacement Ideas for Your Home

“The Love of a Family is Life’s Greatest Blessing – Happy Family Day(Jour de la Famille)!!”

Family day is right around the corner! Whether you are celebrating with your kids, your partner, your parents, or your friends, this special day is a chance to let your family know that you care.

In Canada, Family Day is a statutory holiday occurring on 19th of February. It’s a beautiful chance to spend some quality time with your family. Since this holiday comes in the middle of one of the coldest months of the year, we don’t blame you for wanting to stay in and curl up on the couch for a full day of watching movies. As the day is a holiday for the entire family, you want to enjoy all the activities with your loved ones.

Modern Window Treatments: Ideal Window Replacement Ideas

Motorized Window Shades

The living room is where we spend most of our time, where family and guests mingle, watch TV, and relax.

Depending on your light control and privacy needs, there is an assortment of family room window treatments that can give the functionality you require and the look you need. In any case, before picking up any window treatment, you need to keep some points in mind. Pick Custom Window Shades that reduce heat gain and obstruct harmful UV rays. Help your room’s light control and reduce glare and try to select the cordless choice for your child and pet’s safety.

You can decorate your room with some Light Blocking and Room Darkening Blinds. Below are few modern blinds and window coverings that will give you a fantastic look at your space.

#1: Fabric Roman Shades

Beautiful Roman Shades

Roman shades bring an air of sophistication into your living room. These shades are the perfect window treatment wherever a formal or casual style is required. Flat Roman shades create a smooth, streamlined silhouette and allow only the desired amount of light into a room. When they are open, they are visibly soft, not bumpy or ribbed like blinds and other window coverings.

#2: Cheap Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds look sleek and modern, making them an ideal choice for large and wide windows of your living room. They are a great alternative to drapes and typical horizontal shades. Choose PVC inserts or free hang vanes for light control. Vertical blinds are excellent for patio sliding doors.

#3: Sheer Window Shades


Sheer shades help you to appreciate the daylight while still giving mild protection from glare and UV rays. Sheer shades function like roller shades but have stripes that tilt open like a blind when the shade is fully lowered. The shades are available in different opacity, color, vane size, and can also have a motorized lift.

#4: Vertical Sheer Blinds

Vertical Sheer Blinds

Vertical sheer blinds elegantly mix soft sheer drapery with a traditional vertical blind for a unique solution which is perfect for larger windows for your living rooms. You will be able to enjoy your outside view and let in natural light while also providing flexible privacy to your space with sheer blinds.

#5: Room Darkening Blinds

If you cherish the beauty of darkness, then Room Darkening Blinds are the perfect choices for your living room. The living room is where you watch movies along with your family and friends and chit-chat together. If you are a movie lover, the best thing you can bring to your room is the viewing experience. If you need even more darkness, use a blackout shade to bring complete darkness to your room. Room darkening and blackout fabrics are available with a variety of products including roller shades and cellular shades.

#6: Day Night Cellular Shades

Day Night Cellular Shades

This product allows you the advantage of two fabrics of different opacity and colors in one shade system, offering supreme privacy and the ability to regulate natural light. Day night Shades enhance the energy efficiency of window treatments if you opt for double cell fabrics that give more insulation. You can choose from a standard cord control system or a cordless lift system.

#7: Beautiful Drapes and Curtains

Drapery and Curtains Online

Drapes and curtains are also an attractive choice to decorate your living room and provide privacy. These coverings are stylish, convenient, comfortable, smooth, and affordable.They bring an elegant and pleasing ambiance to your living room. They help in light filtering and privacy control through different opacity levels.

#8: Outdoor Window Coverings

Outdoor Solar Shades

Your home’s outdoor spaces are also a perfect place for family gatherings or a place to relax. But what happens when it’s too bright at daytime or the heat is too much during the summer season, or you don’t want your neighbors to see you in your backyard?

In that case, choose Exterior Solar Shades which will allow you to control the light and temperature of your outdoor space to make it a useful area throughout the day so that you can spend quality time with your dear ones.

Make Your Windows Easy to Access

For windows that are very large or difficult to reach, you can consider a motorized window treatment that is remote controlled. Motorized controls permit you to open and close your window treatments with the touch of the button. Whether you are entertaining, lounging, or in the middle of enjoying a meal outside, you can give yourself privacy, or block glare from the sun without having to move from your spot.

Stay Comfortable and Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones!!

This is the time of the year to enjoy the beautiful weather with your family and friends. Don’t let window issues ruin your home’s atmosphere. Let us help you find window solutions based on your home and needs. We will show you products that will transform your space, giving you complete control over your privacy and light. Contact our design experts if you have any doubts or questions. They will be happy to help you!

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