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The Top 5 Trending Window Coverings for This Fall

Top Window Treatment Trends

Everyone wishes for their homes to look inviting and fascinating, and the easiest way to do that will probably take up a lot of money, right? Wrong! 
Window coverings or shades are something that everyone sees on a daily basis but are easily discarded out of our minds when shopping for and looking for changes in the house. But the irony is that these smart window coverings create a wonderful illusion for every home to flaunt off seamlessly.

Hence choosing the right type, kind and color of blinds or shades are very important as each gives a very different feeling and look to the house. It can provide as well as take away the aesthetics of the house. Thus, we intend on briefing you about the top window treatment trends that will give your home the desired look you were looking for!

Top Window Treatment Trends For This Fall


For a larger look: Making smaller spaces seem larger than they are in reality, is quite a challenge. There are, however, different kinds of windows that make a room appear bigger than it is. Darkening a room makes it seem smaller than it is, so getting window blinds that light up the place is the best way to go when shopping for curtains for spaces like small basement windows. A translucent or even transparent screen can be proven effective in making a room appear more prominent.


For a taller look: Horizontal blinds and shades can help the room look taller than when using vertical blinds. Using the same principle as used in clothing, horizontal stripes help a person look taller while vertical lines make them look shorter, however, if you want it to look like a larger or broader room, vertical blinds are the way to go.

Mounting blinds on window trims also give more room to the screens making the windows seem more significant than they are and hence, giving an impression of space.


For the vintage look: Half moon shaped window coverings are quite a popular trend now as it offers a very sophisticated and elegant, old-school European look while looking unique at the same time. This covering can be designed and made in a very different way, giving freedom to the artist and the buyer to customize it according to their personal preferences and tastes for enhancing the room.


For the evergreen look: The proverb “old is gold” proves to be right with the 2-inch slat aluminum blinds which are always in fashion and have always remained in the top 5 designs of blinds. Although a much-overused design, it can fit any home and instantly bring in personality to the room. It is a multi-purpose smart window covering, as it is easy to use, clean and can bring in the perfect amount of light according to one’s wishes.


For large windows in your office space or your bedroom, electric blinds for large windows: With the press of one button you can have light flooding in or out. It’s that easy! The smart electric blinds are helpful on days that you don’t want to get out of bed or are too tired from office work to stand up and manually close the windows. Technology has provided us with remarkable inventions so why not make the most out of them?

Apart from these top 5 window covering types, there are a few others too that can give your room a perfect look. Read further to know better!


Other Window Coverings That Are Worth Considering

Bay windows are one of the most challenging kinds of windows to get blinds or shades for and the best one to choose when in doubt is the cellular shades for bay windows. It is guaranteed to insulation and can be light filtering or blackout with a very stylish and practical kind of look. They also take a minimal amount of space in terms of depth making them an ideal choice for bay windows.

For a private space like your living room or bedroom, you can opt for privacy blind for your window. They are opaque, usually blackout and may or may not allow light in. Be careful when you choose such shades as they may not provide any light when fully closed.


Cellular Shades for Bay Windows


Motorized skylight blinds face towards the sky as evident by the name. They provide perfect insulation, are available in light filtering or blackout and also provides a gorgeous sky view (when open) without stepping out of the comforts of your house. It provides heightened privacy and safety as well as accessibility. Most of the variations can also be controlled by an app that can be downloaded on your phone (compatible smart controller needs to be purchased as well).


Motorized Skylight Window Covers


Of course, there are also the discount window blinds which are cheap and affordable but usually provide a smaller variety so they can be customized according to the customer’s taste and preferences; but also have limitations.

The sheer vertical blinds and horizontal shades are one of the best kinds of light filtering shades as it is made of sheer fabrics. They are comfortable to maintain, clean and provides privacy when needed. They also look beautiful in bright colored rooms.

Solar roller shades are a great option as well and block up to 99% of harmful UV rays protecting both people and furniture. It is energy efficient and keeps homes more relaxed in the summer and warmer in the winter. It is a very safe and healthy option.


Roller Solar Window Shades


The Graber Roman Shades are a very versatile and on-trend style of shades. It is offered in two different types of shades which perfectly fit any room and home décor. It varies from corded, cordless and motorized options, so you can choose what best suits you and your style.


Roman Window Shades


The honeycomb shades are one style of blinds that are very stylish right now as it provides a particular kind of beauty as well as the uniqueness of one’s house and rooms. Norman Honeycomb shades are very lightweight and let in a lot of light. It has superior light filtering capabilities and provides a feeling of warmth to your home.


Norman Honeycomb Shades


Familiarizing Yourself with Top Window Treatment Trends 2018

Go for Jewel tones: They are currently in trend as it brings a feeling of sophistication, royalty, and richness to your room. Amethyst and Jade tones are the most popular ones although people do experiment with Rubies and Pearl tones. Find your color and experiment with it to find the perfect color that matches you.

Let the light in: Letting the room be dark is no longer “in.” Making the light in is the trend of the season as the sun continues to shine brightly this year. It provides a sense of warmness and comfort to your rooms, immediately entrancing people. This works exceptionally well if the room is colored in bright colors that complement the natural light.

Get in touch with nature: Nature and environment are two big topics in 2018 and bringing climate inspired designs in are the entire trend right now. Be it bamboo blinds or linen panels, they create a feeling of nature and promises to be a long-lasting trend.

Layering is the key: The next in trend is layering shades. A sheer shade of blinds can complement a dark tone, creating contrast. This is appealing to the eyes and hence looks good in a great variety of rooms and settings.

Opt for metallic: From metallic clothes to metallic lipsticks, metallic shades are the new trend now so why not it be for drapes as well? Metal lends a feel of grandiose helping the room appear better and chicer.

Choose the quirky: Stable patterns and monochromes are no longer in style. That’s what the top trends are saying. The funkier and crazier the designs are, the better the room looks and enhances your home. Just be conscious to not go overboard with it.

The blinds and shades need to match your style at the end of the day, and even if you don’t get your perfect match, there is nothing to worry about. Some designers provide an option of custom blinds and shades so you can experiment with it and find your perfect blind!

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