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An aesthetically pleasing living room.

Living rooms are an integral part of modern life, we spend a lot of time there socialising and relaxing during the day. So it becomes imperative that the living room should be comfortable and catered towards you. It also has to give a contemporary vibe to lift the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. Therefore, it becomes essential to dress and design the living room properly. 

If you are a homeowner who wants to get tips for the living room, you should remember that it needn’t be an expensive affair. If you keep in mind small little things, you can bring about a considerable change in the look and feel of the space. You can transform the aesthetics of your living room with these tips:

Mix and Match the Furniture 

A living room can be transformed by making a few simple changes. One of the most convenient ways to do this is with furniture and the best way to mix and match furniture is by choosing pieces with different styles or shapes. This will give your living room a more eclectic feel. It is crucial to select furniture that will work with your living space as most people prefer to have darker colours in their living room. These colours are great for creating a relaxed atmosphere while brighter colours can make it feel livelier. 

You can try to make little pockets of space in the living room. Once you select a corner, make a comfortable seating arrangement with a nice chair and a luxurious pillow. With that, you have just created a cosy and comfortable reading space or media watching corner, a sort of room within a room. In the same vein, adjusting the furniture and bringing in a low table can provide you with a creative arts corner where you and the children can spend hours together pursuing your creative interests. These are just a couple of ideas showcasing how changing the position of the sofas and aligning the coffee tables differently can provide a fresh feel to the living room. 

Window Treatments 

To add on to the idea of using colours to change your living room’s aesthetics, don’t forget about your windows. They make for great opportunities to show off your artistic sensibilities and all window dressings come with the ability to add privacy and light control, some things that you will need for your living room. In terms of interior design, these window coverings are easily blendable with your room decor as they have great versatility in terms of colours, lines, and patterns.

Living room designs all vary and no two rooms are alike. You can have a small space, or a gratuitous one. It can have large windows or maybe a sliding door. Regardless of the space you have, the living room decor ideas are born out of how you like to keep things and what you have to work with. Back to the idea of window coverings, because there are so many different options, some like to suggest getting the coverings first and building your decor inward. Here are some of our favourite ideas that we would like to share with you.

Vertical Blinds for your Patio Doors

A lot of living rooms come with a patio door attached to it. Often, these are sliding glass doors and cover a very large space adjacent to the room. For these types of doors, we highly recommend matching it with vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are a classic window covering that you can easily adjust for light control, and you can easily open and close to access your door. Furthermore, they are especially easy to clean, as a simple wipe down on a regular basis will keep them in tip top shape making them the choice for homeowners with pets who tend to shed a lot of fur.

Vertical blinds on a patio door.

Classic Curtains with Colourful Couches

If your decor style calls for bright colours that make your living room look lively, then matching bright couches with curvy, floral-patterned curtains will achieve this look for you. Often, curtains or drapes are taken for granted as a window covering, as they can be overlooked for the newer style dressings like shades. But, curtains absolutely hit all the boxes needed from any window covering and they bring a softer look than the hard edges of blinds and cellular shades. If you like colourful and round couches mixed with a lot of comfortable throw pillows, then the ideal window covering to match with them are curtains.

Zebra Blinds for Modernity

Blinds bring hard lines and curtains bring a softer appeal, but for something in between, zebra blinds fit the bill. These shades are a great compromise of all the above and are a modern take on classic horizontal blinds. Zebras are made of see-through sheer vanes and solid room darkening ones.  The light control depends on how you align them. If you put the solid vanes together, then you will close it off, but if you have them in an alternating pattern, then you will have the light coming in. 

If you like having the latest and most modern things in your living room, then zebra blinds will absolutely add to that decor sense. Capturing the vibe of today is what it is all about and it makes sense to match it with these types of blinds. Often, aesthetics are all about what appeals to you and making sure that your comfort levels are optimised. So with these ideas, keep them in mind as you transform your living room into the perfect one for you.

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