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Tree House Window Treatments for a Magical Night

Tree House Window Treatments

Enchanted Tree House Décor Ideas

Staying in a treehouse brings you closer to nature while escaping from the hassle of all life dramas and scenarios. They cause you to enjoy a peaceful life, being relaxed and worry-free. Imagine, sleeping under an open sky and stars, listening to the soft sound of tree leaves or taking in the Fresh area. What else could be better than this? Treehouse is the perfect way to enjoy nature luxuriously. And we’re not just talking about a treehouse for kid’s play, but a legitimate spot for relaxing in your backyard, or as a vacation spot.

In British Columbia, you can find the tallest treehouses (50 feet tall), which is a perfect way to set up the right vacationing mood. But you don’t have to always visit somewhere to feel and enjoy those vibes. If you have enough garden area in your home, you can create your treehouse.

Make your each moment memorable with this latest tradition. You may have many ideas to set up an incredible treehouse. The primary purpose of decorating a treehouse is, it has to be awe-inspiring where everyone can enjoy their precious moments for many years. Get into this new world by doing and creating some unique things.

Treehouse Decor Ideas

Ways to Decorate a Tree House

• Add a Deck:

If you want to have a cool treehouse while giving it a wow factor, then adding deck is a great idea. This unique idea can be used for many purposes. It can be transformed into a pirate ship for little ones or a perfect place for adults to have a cup of tea while relaxing or reading a book.

Give your life a natural vibe by adding a deck to the treehouse. It is a versatile and straightforward aspect that can be designed with some wooden and recycled materials. But sometimes, direct daylight and heat can make you feel annoyed, covering them with lightweight window solutions are the best ideas. Go for some light fabricated window curtains or exterior solar shades which will look good from outside as well. The decoration results will make everyone feel pleased for a long time.
• Establish A Theme:

If you want to take your treehouse to the next level of decoration, then set up a theme. A particular theme helps the kids to explore more. Themes can be eye-soothing and attractive, which help people to relax all day long. Adding a theme is always classic and distinct which everyone appreciates. You can go for a jungle theme with various animal creatures, or some soft glowing nature elements to create a perfect treehouse theme.

Now, this is applicable for treehouse walls, but what about the windows? They too need a theme to maintain an overall balance. Window designs such as custom roman shades are a great example in this scenario. The shades are available in a wide range of patterns, textures, and color choices, and you can play with them to meet your taste and needs. The exciting part of these shades, you can integrate motorization to enjoy the ultimate luxury and convenience. Opting for smart motorized roman shades will allow you to operate them using your smartphone or a remote. A treehouse design that will fulfill all your desires while offering the ultimate level of satisfaction.

• Treehouses with Wooden Window Treatments:

There are various ways to decorate the treehouse interior, but when it comes to windows, it’s essential to cover them because of the harsh sunlight and UV rays. To match the tree house design, wooden window coverings are the best decision which will maintain an earthy feeling. Wood blinds and faux wood blinds are the top-notched solutions to go for. Wood blinds are sophisticated, which create a true inspiration for your decor. While faux wood blinds look like real wood blinds, they are sturdier and can weather against extreme climate conditions. So whether it’s raining outside or snowfall, you can enjoy staying inside your cute and enchanting treehouse.

Wooden Window Treatments for Tree House

• Maintain Efficiency

Keeping the windows open for a long time can lead you to face various issues. Mount cellular window shades to help insulate your space and reduce heat transfer. Customize them from the variety of texture and hue choice to bring out the best of your treehouse.

• Skylights for Tree House

Adding a skylight is an innovative way to enhance the look of treehouse while making it extraordinary. Experience the beauty of the open sky through this type of window. But prevent the direct daylight that falls and makes the décor uneasy and uncomfortable. Skylight window shades which can be integrated with these windows to have a better interior while having multiple benefits. Enjoy the freshness and liveliness all year long.

Skylight Window Treatments

• Hang Artificial Lights

Window treatments help you to enjoy the natural light. But in the night, to get rid of the darkness, an artificial lighting system is necessary which look amazing too. Adding lights into the tree can transform the overall beauty of the area instantly that everyone loves from kids to adults. Hang lanterns to create a seamless vision while improving the glow of the house. This option gives your kids to play safely at night.

Fun Never Ends with a Tree House!!

By following the above design tips and tricks, you can create a treehouse which will give you excitement and enjoyment for life. The ideas can turn your treehouse into a masterpiece when you implement these designs. From your regular boring life, you can chill here and get the best feeling in the world, which is hard to find anywhere else. Experience the new sensations in your backyard by dressing the interior wall and windows appropriately. Take the help of the professionals to make it an ideal addition of your home décor!

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