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Everything You Need To Know about Trending Window Solutions

Trending Window Treatments

Trending Window Treatments for a Divine Interior

Window treatments have significant importance in completing a home project, but when it comes to window renovations or redesign, the process of selecting and installing window blinds can be a challenging task for many homeowners. Window solutions are not only a decorative element for your home, but they also provide a space with insulation, privacy, and reduce the noise that enters your interior. There is no doubt that the amount of natural daylight that penetrates your room is the primary key for healthy living, but the excess of anything can be a hassle. But window shadings will reduce all these problems in a few seconds. When it comes to picking up a window solution, most of us don’t know what design or style to choose. What is trending? How do we mix and match our current interior decor?

A Brief Study: What’s the Trend in Window Treatments?

Are you aware of the latest trendy designs and solutions that can amazingly transform the outlook of your home? Well, nowadays, everyone will opt for smart motorized blinds and shades because of their ultimate luxury and smooth operation. That is true, but there are still a lot of other options and new shades and blinds that are trending and in style.

Always go with the trends to keep you and your interior one step ahead. Below are the top 4 dressings which will lead you to have the right one –

2-inch Horizontal Vinyl Blinds

Your home should be a place where you can have luxury, relaxation, and some fun time with your family or friends. So don’t compromise with when it comes to window dressings. Horizontal vinyl blinds are a trendy but economical choice which meets all the demands of your home. What makes them unique and sophisticated from other fashionable treatments?

  • 2-inch vinyl slats offer superior control on privacy and natural light
  • Mounting brackets are designed for easy installation
  • Though double valances are optional for this window blinds but provide a finished appearance
  • Light blocking lip will eliminate the light gaps between headrail and top slat
  • Hold down brackets helps to secure the blinds to doors and window sills
  • Crash-proof cord lock is available which has a tighter stack and long-lasting because of the metal construction
  • Can be installed in any window but their unique specialty is they can be mounted on the bay or corner windows
  • Horizontal vinyl blinds featuring a range of customization options along with various control choice which include wand tilt, cord tilt, ring tilt, and motorized tilt.

Horizontal Vinyl Blinds

CrystalPleat Cellular Shades

Cellular or honeycomb blinds – why are these shadings so highly favored? There are various reasons behind investing in them. Learn more about them to ensure that you are making the right decision for your indoor windows.

Different fabric options are the unique attraction of these window coverings. You can get them in sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabric materials which do a great job when it comes to light control or provide insulation (saves energy bills). They are perfect for sound dampening as well.

Have a remote or smartphone control to keep home your protected and safe from the outsiders while avoiding the hassle of pulling cords or chains.

CrystalPleat cellular shades are versatile for any window, and their endless colors and texture selection provide a space with uniformity and timeless beauty.

Smart Cellular Shades

Graber New Foundation Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Custom faux wood blinds are a stunning selection for high humidity areas because of the water and moisture resistant properties. Feel the luxury of these window blinds which are extraordinarily compatible and durable. Trust and invest in these blinds once and see the output after installing!

Apart from the cordless safety feature, the blinds have some unique feature to look for –

  • The blinds are unbreakable because of their color-coordinated PVC material coated slats
  • Diffused the excess sunlight while adjusting the privacy level
  • An environment-friendly collection that comes with a variety of stunning hue choices which include wood grain, Ashwood Grey, Golden Wheat, and many more
  • Cordless lift provides safety, as well as clutter-free and clean look

Graber Foundation Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Graber Fresco Virtual Cord Blackout Roman Shades

In the world of window fashion, smart products have become extremely popular, and nothing can beat their excellent functionality and reliability. Graber fresco virtual cord blackout roman shades are an add-on product which has gain popularity, not because of their mechanism, but the stunning fabrics and hue choices easily match the existing décor design.

  • Especially designed with blackout fabric material to get rid of daylight or any other street light.
  • Offer protection against harmful UV rays and glare.
  • The shades provide the softness of drapery with the practicality of a shade, available in a huge number of texture and style options. To ensure the color consistency, order all shades for the same room at the same time.
  • Integrating with motorization allows you to access the shades using remote buttons or smartphone. Voice-accessible Google Home and Alexa will give you hands-free mechanism. Motorization lifts provide various benefits which include energy-efficiency, home’s security, and work as the alternative of corded window coverings.

Graber Virtual Cord Blackout Shades

Understanding of your room’s requirements will enable you to make the appropriate selection for your home. The above blinds and shades are voguish and can fulfill all your functional needs. For more information, have a look at the coverings on our site or get in touch with our customer care executives!

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