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Keep Your Patio Trendy with Custom Patio Solar Shades

Custom Patio Solar Shades

Keep Your Patio Trendy with Custom Patio Solar Shades

Interior designing is a well-known concept and a lot of people spend a lot of time and money on the interior designing of their homes. They find the right kind of furniture, right kind of paints, wallpapers and window frames and the right kind of curtains and draperies. Keep the interiors of the home as perfect as possible so that they can satisfy their taste buds as well as create a great impression on people visiting their home. However, when entering a home as a visitor, the first thing a person notice is the exteriors of the home rather than the interiors.  Be it a passerby or your nosy neighbors, all they see is the exteriors of your home. Hence to keep them all curious and guessing, it is important to keep the exteriors as attractive as the interiors of the home. In a way, it helps to choose custom patio solar shades to dress up your patio and make it look trendy and well designed.


Custom Outdoor Shades to Block the Sunlight

Your patio could be the place where you lie back and soak in some of that sunlight. But when you are inside your home and watching a movie, glare from the sunlight would irritate you and your guests! Having custom patio solar shades in place would help you block the sunlight and avoid the glare from disturbing your movie time.

Solar shades are available in various ranges depending on how much of the light you would like to block. Based on your needs, you can find shades that block from 84-99% of the sunlight. Choosing solar shades that block out 90% of the sunlight also helps in blocking away that much of the harmful UV rays from the sun! Considering your needs and requirements, choose from the Custom outdoor shades that suit your patio the best!

Custom Outdoor Patio Shades


Custom Exterior Shades for Keeping the View

Covering up your patio with shades and blinds doesn’t mean you have to block that gorgeous view too. Choosing the right kind of patio shades also means to choose the kind that does not cover up the view. Solar shades allow you to see through the material, even when the shade is down. These custom exterior shades are made up of a fabric that comes in various opacities. It is engineered to keep the view while being able to block the glare from the sun.


Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades that Control Temperature

Blocking the light from the sun also helps block the heat to a huge extent. This way, the temperature inside the home stays controlled. Whenever the light and the warmth is required, the shades can be kept up. But when no one is at home, the temperature of the interiors and the privacy of your home needs to be kept in check. In such cases, the outdoor motorized solar shades can come down and stay shut so that the home remains cool and calm.

Since the shades are motorized, opening and shutting them takes nothing more than a press of a button. This way, your home can stay protected from the light and heat from the sun. When you get back home, you will be back to a cool place that doesn’t need much air conditioning. This helps you reduce the power consumption and save energy too. So, enjoy the summer as it comes without having to worry about coming back to an uncomfortably hot and sweaty home. The custom exterior shades will do the job of keeping your home cool and protect you from the heat!

Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades


Sprucing up the Exterior with Custom Patio Solar Shades

The patio solar shades are the sure shot way of sprucing up the exteriors of your home. The custom patio solar shades are made up of the best quality fabric and come in custom-made designs and patterns. They make the patio look very polished and perfect. Especially for a large space that needs to be covered for the sake of privacy or blocking heat. The headrails of the curtains and shades can be painted to match the fabric and design of the curtains so that they all come together to give your patio an elegant and coordinated look.

Motorized Exterior Blackout Shades


Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades Against Rain and Winds

Last but not least, the patio solar shades help protect the home from rain and winds as well. Though the shades cannot stop the wind from blowing in completely, it can still reduce the cold winds from entering the home. This way, your home can stay warmer during the windy days. It is the same case with the rainy days as well. Though the shades cannot stop the rain completely, they can surely reduce the amount of drizzle from the rain from entering your patio.

The custom exterior shades are made up of strong fabric that is able to trap the cold winds and the rain and keep them from entering the home. These shades can also be fastened in to secure the shades and keep them in place, especially during the days that are too windy than usual. Even though the days when it is raining quite heavily outside, the shades can be protected from flopping on and off the window sills. They soak away the rainwater and keep them from entering your patio space.

Patio is the space that usually gets everyone into a fun-loving mood. It is the perfect place for the family to come together for a perfect day of games or just to sit around and soak the goodness of nature. Even entertaining your guests inside the home all the time can be a little monotonous. To give it all a little twist, you can put together a dinner under the starlight in your patio. However, usually, people avoid spending time in the patio as it provides lesser privacy and protection against the sunlight. Choosing from the range of custom patio solar shades you can get all the privacy needed as well as keep yourself and your home safe from the sun.

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