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Tulip Roman Shades are the Perfect Way to Add Elegance to Your Living Room

Tulip Roman Shades Are The Perfect Way To Add Elegance To Your Living Room

Roman shades have been around for a long time which can be traced back to the time when the Roman Empire still thrived in all its glory. The Roman shades and blinds started off as wet cloths that the Romans used to drape over their windows to keep the dirt out especially from the construction of the great Roman Colosseum and also to protect against the heat and the sunlight. Since then, Roman shades have evolved a lot and yet these continue to ooze out that rustic charm thanks to their simplicity and elegant appeal.

Roman shades, much like other iconic and perpetual things of yore, have undergone many transformations, adaptations, and modifications. Fancy versions of the Roman shades such as the Tulip Roman Shades are a perfect example of this evolution. These fancy and more sophisticated versions are a fun addition to spruce up the décor inside your house.

What are Tulip Roman Shades?

Tulip Roman Shades account for one of the most elegant and most refined statements any type of window coverings can make. A fancy and decorative take on the classic Roman blinds, Tulip shades are well known for their signature inverted pleats. It’s the pleats that lend these Roman shades the decorative and sophisticated quality these are known for. When half-raised, these shades resemble a tulip and hence the name.

The design and look of these shades are truly charming and equally special. The signature pleats are meticulously handcrafted with an inverted styling while they run along the headrails. This construction lends these shades a truly remarkable appeal that is as graceful as it is timeless. The artistic and delicate appearance of these shades makes them the perfect decorative element for the interiors of your house.
Tulip Roman Shades

How Tulip Roman Shades are Different from Regular Roman Shades?

Regular Roman Shades are more minimalistic, somber, and meant for everyday use. These look great while also doing the heavy lifting in terms of keeping the atmosphere inside the house comfortable throughout the day. While regular Roman shades perform quite well aesthetically, their main utility lies in preventing heat gain, filtering out the light, reducing the glare, and blocking the UV exposure.

Tulip Roman shades, on the other hand, are a more sophisticated and ornate take on the Roman shades. Their main purpose is mostly decorative. The unique shape and inverted pleat style make them stand apart. However, these shades are not meant for extensive or everyday use. These shades work best when used as a stationary window treatment. If you want window coverings that you want to use more extensively, Tulip Roman shades are probably not the right choice for you. People get these shades for their houses to make the interiors look more sophisticated and fancy.

Why These Roman Shades are Ideal for Sprucing Up Your Living Room?

The living room is that area of the house which is most visible to the visitors and also quite expansive. Due to this, the décor of the living room gains more significance and getting it just right is important. In order to add an extra flair to the interiors of the living room, fancy window coverings can be a valuable and effective addition.

The ornamental design and the uniqueness of their inverted pleats introduce a charming and playful dimension to the Living room’s décor. The construction of these shades involves punctilious efforts and handcrafting that make them truly unique and one of a kind. When you dress up your windows with these blinds, the beautiful shape of these shades that resembles a tulip really comes into focus and makes for a great sight to behold.
Tulip Roman Shades for Living Room

Things You Need to be Mindful of When Getting Tulip Roman Shades for Your Home

Tulip Roman shades work great as an elegant and particularly ornate way of dressing up the windows in your house. These add flair to the décor but there are certain limitations to these shades too which you need to be aware of before deciding if these shades really are the real deal for you. These shades are not meant for everyday use and can get damaged if you try to use them extensively. These shades are meant to be used as stationary or fixed window coverings much like the showpieces in your living room.

As you can’t use these shades as regular window coverings, you will need to invest in other window treatment products for your windows as well to prevent heat gain and for light control. This can result in significant expenditure. Hence, if you are on a budget and want to get the shades for everyday use, Tulip Roman shades won’t be an ideal choice.

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